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My Man Doesn’t Have To Have Dangote’s Kind Of Money -Oyindamola Sanni



Oyindamola Sanni is an up and coming actress with an enviable scorecard in the movie industry. With a chain of movie roles to her credit, she has also produced two movies with the third set to be released soon. She spoke about life as an actress and a movie producer in this interview.

Some people seek the movie industry while it finds others, what was your case?

Mine is a blend of both. I was discovered by a Nollywood director while doing comedy skits with a girl group called Black Citizen.

For you, which is better between the English and Yoruba movie industry?

I don’t have a preference. I do both English and Yoruba movies. It is more about the script actually, and not about it being a Yoruba or English movie set. There are a lot of English movies that have been done but don’t have any sense. They just shoot because they want to shoot. It is not that there is any moral in the story, and there are some Yoruba movies that are very meaningful. For me, it depends on the storyline. Most times, when people call me for a movie, I am always interested in the storyline. I ask for the script, I go through it; I don’t just jump on movies.

Have you gotten to that level in your career where the storyline supersedes the pay?


Oyindamola Sanni

How many years have you put into the industry?

I have put in two years, and I am still counting.

An actress of two years, you must be very ambitious to have gotten that level so quickly.

It’s not about that. When you are building a career, you have to know what you want, so that when you look back years later, you don’t ask yourself ‘why did I do this and that?’

Who are the producers that have impressed you?

There are indeed producers who you don’t ask questions from because you know that they are going to do a good job. I am talking of people like Kunle Afolayan, he is a good producer, and I am looking forward to working with him. There is also Kayode Peters, Tope Oshin and Desmond Elliot, although I have not worked with him before. These people can’t call me and I will be looking for their script because I know that they won’t disappoint me.

What caucus do you belong to in the Yoruba movie industry?

I belong to the Tunde Anjola group, but it is not like it is a caucus. He was the one that introduced me to the Yoruba movie industry.  People didn’t know me, and it would have been hard for them to invest or believe in me, but he had faith in me and started using me for his jobs, and when people started seeing me and what I could do, they started inviting me to their set.  It is not that I belong to any caucus. I don’t belong to him in the real sense of it because we did not sign any document, I did not go to any school; I just started working with him. I work more often with him, and he also directed my movies.

How easy is it to produce a movie in the Yoruba industry?

It is not like it is easy. It is about your determination and your passion. If you have the money, you can do it. It is not like I have all the money in the world, but I know that I have to sell myself. When you produce a movie, you wait for the profit and use it to produce another movie. If you want a more quality one, you invest a little more into what you got from the last effort.

Is there a man bankrolling your productions?

I would rather not answer that question.

How do you finance the movies you produce?

I do a lot of other things. I am an entrepreneur and I run an online store where we sell female clothes, bags, and other things. The fact is that when you want to do something and you have families, friends, and loved ones, they will support you. It is not like you want to buy Brazilian hair. If you tell people that you have this amount of money and you need to balance it up, they will help you.

Why do Nollywood actresses tend to be more prosperous than their male counterparts?

Personally, I think that it is all about the issue of endorsement. Most times, it is easier for women to get endorsements. For instance, skincare, it is easier to use a woman for the endorsement compared to using a man.  A female celebrity also tends to have more followers than their male counterparts, so brands will prefer to work with the ladies in the industry. Of course, they want people to buy their products more, so they will look out for those who have more followers. That is why females have an edge over their men counterparts.

Tell us about the movie you have produced.

The first movie I produced was titled Omo Lere. It was motivated by my surroundings. I wrote the story myself. The second movie I produced was Eniafe. Although Eniafe was my story, it was not written by me.

How do you manage the male attention that comes from producers, directors, marketers, and actors?

You just have to be careful and apply diplomacy especially when it involves those who are your senior colleagues, those who are producers and directors, except you want to be stuck in one place. You have to apply diplomacy, you just can’t reject everything. I am not saying that you have to be wayward, but you have to apply diplomacy. That is what keeps me going. You laugh with people when it is necessary and you know when to cut it.

Are you saying that it is possible for an actress to get stagnated if you don’t relate well with the right people?

Yes, it is possible.

You are single and pretty, are you searching?

I am single, but not searching. I am not taken.

What kind of man do you like?

As you grow, your taste changes. Before, it used to be the physical man; it used to be the usual tall, dark, and handsome man. But at the moment, it is somebody that is understanding, especially because of the kind of job I do. He has to be very understanding, he has to be caring. The physical aspect also matters too because I can’t be walking with one person and be admiring another person. He has to have potentials too, I don’t like lazy people, and he has to be hardworking. He doesn’t have to have all the money that Dangote has, but he has to be hardworking. He also has to be God-fearing, I am a church girl.

Is marriage in the picture anytime soon?

I can’t say, it’s in God’s hands, I told you that I am single earlier. You know that before you get married you have to start somewhere. I am focused on my career first.

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