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My Hustle Before Music-Davido




Very few people knew what singer Davido did before becoming a musician. The artiste who has been speaking on his hustle has now revealed what life used to be like prior to his career as a singer. He said that he was a low-quality jewelry seller.

Davido revealed that he sold merchandise for Nigerian artistes back in 2008-2009.

In a recent interview, the singer shocked a lot of his fans when he talked about his past hustle saying that he was already connecting with the music industry before becoming a musician.

OBO revealed he was into buying and selling of clothes and jewelry to Nigeria artistes, some of whom he also took around to strip clubs when they come to Atlanta where he was once based.

The merchandise, the artiste revealed were not the standard designer’s wares.

According to him, they are from “the middle of the mall” and these artistes didn’t mind the quality they were getting.

 “I come to America and tell all the artistes that “Yo! This is what’s popping” I bring the new clothes, jewelry… back then it was like the middle of the mall jewelry… I buy like 2,000 dollars worth, I take it home (Nigeria) and sell it so people knew me already”

Asked why he was comfortable selling fake goods to people, he said; I mean back then, they ain’t care. I mean it was 2000 and what? 2008 2009?”

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