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My Crime At APC Was Not Sharing Edo State’s Money-Gov. Obaseki



Edo Election

Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki has revealed that his not sharing of Edo State money was what turned to a villain in All Progressives Congress (APC).

Governor Obaseki said this while speaking with newsmen after his screening exercise at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) national secretariat, Abuja.

Speaking ahead of the PDP primary scheduled for Thursday, June 25, he revealed that he was accused of not sharing money.

“I get a bit confused in the APC that at some point, I was being accused of not sharing the money, ” Obaseki said.

Furthermore,  said: ”

“My experience is that having served four years as a governor, I don’t see that ideological divide, it doesn’t exist. I think the focus for me is development. Whether you are a conservative or a progressive, it is expected that the outcome should be development. And unfortunately, I get a beat confused in the APC that at some point, I was being accused of not sharing the money.

“When we were campaigning against PDP, we said that the problem there was that they were sharing the money. So for me, it cannot be about ideology. At this point in time, it is important that I will provide string and correct leadership, provide a direction for the country and about our people, provide the basic amenities that they need, education, health care, good infrastructure, these are the things that our people are yearning for. These are the things that we are doing in Edo state today.”

Explaining how he joined the PDP, the Edo State Governor said, “as you are already aware, I have done consultations with my constituents and my former party, and I made the decision to join the PDP and that decision was consummated yesterday.

“I went to the state Secretariat of PDP in Edo state yesterday to pick up membership and also came into Abuja to pick up my nomination form. And with the kind leadership of the peoples Democratic party, they have been kind enough to admit me into the party and organised this screening for me.”

Obaseki cleared all misgivings about certificate. “The screening was fair, it was very professionally done. You could see objectivity and I presented all my certificates, my secondary school, higher school, university and my National Youth service certificate, so that they can look at it and see if there are inconsistencies in them and you can ask the screening committee if there are any inconsistencies in any of them”

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