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Mouka Reinforces Commitment to Consumers’ Healthy Future on World Sleep Day




Mouka has affirmed that it will continue in its firm resolve to safeguard consumers’ healthy future through quality sleep solutions, which has always been its hallmark as it celebrates this year’s world sleep day.

World Sleep Day is an initiative of the World Sleep Society to recognize the impact of sleep on human health. This annual event focuses on the effects of sleep problems and the importance of healthy sleep at every stage of the human life cycle.

The company’s standpoint was made known by its Chief Executive Officer, Raymond Murphy while assuring existing and new customers that they can attain a healthy future through regular sleep on Mouka products.

In line with this year’s theme, Regular Sleep, Healthy Future, he said that Mouka has been propagating healthy sleep culture through campaigns and quality sleep solutions. This has earned it the endorsement by the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP) and the National Association of Orthopaedic Manual Therapists (NAOMT).

According to him, the foremost company would continue to promote consumers’ well-being, which is at the core of its mission. Mouka promises to keep innovating and renovating its product portfolio through intensive research and development to cater to varied consumer needs and preferences adequately.

The company created an educational video in collaboration with medical experts to celebrate the 2021 World Sleep Day. In the video, the President of the NSP, Dr NnennaChigbo, said in the short term, irregular sleep negatively impacts attention span, memory recall and learning, with increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and weakened immune system in the long term.

According to her, using mattresses and pillows of ergonomic standards keep the upper body aligned during sleep, to prevent aches and pains that can be detrimental to physical and mental well-being.

On his part, the President of NAOMT, Dr Teslim Onigbinde, said regular sleep fosters a healthy future.

He affirmed that regular sleep is not out of reach and can be achieved easily by creating certain habits. These include: fixing a bedtime and wake up time, reducing screen time, especially at night, regular exercise, reduced noise and room lighting at bedtime and comfortable beddings.

In March 2011, the socially responsible company held its inaugural edition of World Sleep Day in Nigeria. Since then, annually, Mouka has celebrated the benefits of quality sleep during World Sleep Day.

Mouka continues to add comfort to life through its array of quality products such as Wellbeing Orthopaedic mattresses, Mondeo Plus spring mattress, and an assortment of pillows to help Nigerians sleep well and wake up refreshed.







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