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MI Promise Fans Three Albums In 2020




Nigerian rapper, MI, might not have dropped any single this year, but he has promised to release three albums before the end of December.

The Chocolate City Executive revealed his plan in a Twitter post while reacting to a fan.

The fan had reached out to the rapper saying: “Chairman MI Abaga, it’s 2020. It’s a beautiful year. Please give us four albums/mixtape, one for each quarter of the year. Or just two albums/mixtape, one for each half of the year. Or just 1 album/mixtape. Just give us something, please.”

Reacting to the request, MI said: “I think I can do three, but let’s not jink it.” Interestingly, the rapper’s critics have questioned his ability to meet the target with some considering him a former hitmaker.

MI’s last body of work titled ‘Yxng Denzel’ was released in August 2018 and was rated an average body of work by a lot of music pundits.”

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