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Mayor Akinpelu: A Toast To The Grandee At 60, By Kunle Rasheed



Hey! see who is 60 today. It is no other than ‘Olowobusoso’ (literally meaning a man who has money in abundance) himself; the one everyone refers to as Lord Mayor.

Yes, Mayor Abiodun Akinpelu has officially joined the elder’ s council. He did not only joined, he joined majestically.

It can never be in doubt that it has been 60 years of incredible style and adorable goodness.


A lover of good life whom you can never fault when it comes to looking good. Mayor loves the luxury of life; wonders on wheel, fashionable clothes, designer wristwatches and of course good shoes. One other thing you can miss out is his unique perfume that announces the presence of Mayor at any given time.

Many people believe hobnobbing with the high and mighty tilted his life towards living good, but Mayor has always had it good because he came from a very rich home.

Although I started out at the defunct Today’s Choice Magazine as a ‘wannabe’ journalist, however, it was when my path crossed with Lord Mayor that journalism started proper for me. Mayor is not only a boss but a mentor worthy of tailing on the rail of glory.

I rode on his back and became famous with the popular sobriquet ‘omo mayor’ .

The name Mayor opened many doors for me; it was the key I needed to navigate through the society when the stairs of journalism was hard to climb unlike now that it has become an all-comers affair. When I joined Global Excellence Magazine in the year 2000, a year after he established it, it was not that popular but anywhere I went or anybody that I met, the name of the big boss was the substantial introduction I needed. And like magic, many top players in the society took me in without a fuss
Mayor loves his job so much that you’ll strive so much to please him by going the extra mile. He hardly smile. He had no time for trivialities. Whenever he does you’ll thank your stars, not just for that day but the whole of the week.

‘Boda Issy’ like your bosom friend Akanni Olanrewaju Mohhamed calls you, you have done extremely well in shaping us all that passed through your school and we are proud today that you have been a worthy boss.

I am saying this with all honesty; you were my boss yesterday, you are my boss today and forever you’ll remain, my boss, till I sign out from the fourth planet.

Now, like Shakespeare said in one of its numerous quotes

‘With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come’ Happy birthday sir.

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