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Major Shake-up: Nigerian Army Redeploys 120 Generals***See List



The Nigerian Army has reportedly redeployed 204 officers among who are 120 generals to new formations across the country.

The redeployments were effected on March 5, 2021.

List: Major shake-up as Nigerian Army redeploys 120 generals

This development comes amidst rising cases of Boko Haram attacks on army formations in the northeast region.

Out of the 120 generals, 68 are major generals while the other 52 are brigadier generals. Others reportedly affected were 31 colonels, nine lieutenant colonels, 25 majors, 13 captains, and five lieutenants.

The new redeployments were confirmed by the spokesperson of the army, Brig Gen Mohammed Yerima.

Yerima stated that the appointments were in respect of new General Officers Commanding ( GOC) principal staff officers, commandants of tri-service institutions, and army training centres. He said the new appointments and redeployment were aimed at repositioning the service for optimal performance.

The postings are expected to take effect from March 10.

Below is the full list of the redeployed generals:

1. Major General AS Maikobi

2. Major General DC Onyemulu

3. Major General HI Bature

4. Major General A Bande

5. Major General SA Yaro

6. Major General LA Adegboye

7. Major General OI Uzamere

8. Major General J Sarham

9. Major General OF Azinta

10. Major General JB Olawumi

11. Major General CO Ude

12. Major General G Oyefesobi

13. Major General BM Shafa

14. Major General NA Angbazo

15. Major General BA Akinroluyo

16. Major General HR Momoh

17. Major General KAY Isiyaku

18. Major General AT Hamman

19.Major General MO Uzoh

20.– Major General AM Aliyu

21.– Major General CC Okonkwo

22. MA Masanawa – Major General

23. Major General JI Unuigbe

24. Major General JJ Ogonlade

25. Major General AN Dauda

26. Major General AA Jidda

27. Major General YI Shalangwa

28. Major General IN Yusuf

29. Major General JGK Myam

30. Major General SA Adebayo

31 Major General GA Umelo

32. Major General PB Fakrogha

33. Major General VO Ezugwu

34. Major General AB Omozoje

35. Major General EN Njoku

36. Major General SO Olabanji

37. Major General GB Audu

38. Major General OA Akintade

39. Major General OT Akinjobi

40. Major General BA Isandu

41. Major General AM Alabi

42. Major General AA Adesope

43. Major General OW Ali

44. Major General MG Ali

45. Major General SS Araoye

46. Major General GS Abdullahi

47. Major General CG Musa

48. Major General US Mohammed

49. Major General KI Mukhtar

50. Major General KN Garba

51. Major General DH Ali-Keffi

52. Major General EV Onumajuru

53. Major General KI Yusuf

54. Major General BR Sinjen

55. Major General TA Lagbaja

56. Major General UU Bassey

57.Major General S Dahiru

58. Major General UA Yusuf

59. Major General KO Aligbe

60. Major General AK Ibrahim

61. Major General LA Fejokwu

62. Major General AB Ibrahim

63. Major General JO Ochai

64. Major General EAP Undiandeye

65. Major General OR Aiyenigba

66. Major General GU Chibuisi

67. Major General SG Mohammed

68. Major General IM Jallo

69. Brigadier General IA Doma

70. Brigadier General IZ Ohiaka

71.Brigadier General AIM Lapai

72. Brigadier General A Adamu

73. Brigadier General V Ebhaleme

74. Brigadier General OO Odunuga

75. Brigadier General MO Jimoh

76. Brigadier General CU Onwunle

77. Brigadier General M Danmadami

78. Brigadier General ASO Onilema

79. Brigadier General AM Bello

80. Brigadier General SB Kumapayi

81. Brigadier General E Eji

82. Brigadier General LT Omoniyi

83. Brigadier General JO Ogwuoke

84.Brigadier General BA Muhammad

85. Brigadier GeneralAA Eyitayo

86. Brigadier General HT Wesley

87. Brigadier General AG Fagge

88. Brigadier General JD Bulus

89. Brigadier General YK Musa

90. Brigadier General AU Kuliya

91. Brigadier General DI Salihu

92. Brigadier General OA Adenuga

93. Brigadier General CF Okafor

94. Brigadier General LG Lepdung

95. Brigadier General OA Fawole

96. Brigadier General MO Ihanuaze

97. Brigadier General SA Gumel

98. Brigadier General AR Bello

99. Brigadier General M Galadima

100. Brigadier General TT Sidick

101. Brigadier General AK Onasoga

102. Brigadier General IG Lassa

103. Brigadier General AA Adereti

104. Brigadier General JE Osifo

105. Brigadier General IO Olatunji

106. Brigadier General RI Odi

107. Brigadier General OM Bello

108. Brigadier General AJ Aliyu

109. Brigadier General AG Audu

110. Brigadier General IM Abdullahi

111. Brigadier General KO Ukandu

112. Brigadier General IA Ajose

113. Brigadier General OA James

114. Brigadier General GS Mohammed

115. Brigadier General IEE Akpaumontia

116. Brigadier General I Sule

117. Brigadier General EO Aduyebo

118. Brigadier General ST Shafaru

119. Brigadier General OS Obor

120. Brigadier General OA Fadairo

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Army has denied a recent report alleging that a total of 12 officers and 89 soldiers were declared wanted for running away from the anti-Boko Haram fight in Borno State.

Brigadier General Mohammed Yerima, director Army Public Relations stated that the claim soldiers absconded from duty after Boko Haram attacks on their camps is false. He made this known on Thursday, March 4, in a statement he signed and was shared on the army’s official Facebook page.

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