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London Arrest Latest: Diezani Allinson-Madueke’s Campaign Of Calumny Begins To Fall Apart




A campaign of calumny launched by the family of embattled former Minister of Petroleum Diezani Allinson-Madueke has begun to crumble like a pack of ill-arranged cards.


The campaign launched in a bid to cover the alleged fraudulent tracks of Allinson-Madueke and confuse Nigerians about her plight in the hand of London Police hit the social media days back.


However, rather than reduce the speculation of nagativity presently trailing Allinson-Madueke, the supposed official statement released by her family and titled The Truth Versus The Media Hysteria Against The Madueke Family has been tagged medicine after death by Nigerians.


The statement signed for the  Madueke and Agama families by Barrister Oscar M. Onwudiwe a person supposedly the lawyer of  Allinson-Madueke has been described by Nigerians as a failed attempt at convincing the populace that the one time Minister of Petroleum under President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is indeed a saint rather than what she is been tagged.


Allinson-Madueke’s family statement asides saying that she wasn’t arrest also said the former minister’s passport wasn’t seized amongst other things.


The statement, asides been described as barbaric and pointless has been tagged a failed attempt at changing the mind set of Nigerians. Nigerians are now advising Allinson-Madueke to begin to anticipate the music she would face if found guilty, after all “If you can’t do the time you don’t do the crime.”


Interestingly, since the failed campaign of calumny hit town Nigerians have been asking questions such as:


1) Why is Barr. Oscar M. Onwudiwe trying to hide the truth at all cost by saying Diezani was not arrested when the First Citizen of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari confirmed the fact that she was indeed arrested.


2) Is Barr. Oscar M. Onwudiwe saying that he is more informed about what happened in London than President Muhammadu Buhari?


3) Does Barr. Oscar M. Onwudiwe really mean to say that the £12.5 million house Allinson-Madueke bought in London and paid for in cash is also a ruse?


4) Has Barr. Oscar M. Onwudiwe forgotten that the chain of Allinson-Madueke’s alleged crimes dates back to several dealings?


5) Has Barr. Oscar M. Onwudiwe forgotten in haste how Allinson-Madueke sought to meet with President Buhari as soon as he was elected?


6) Is the story of businessman Gbenga Aluko and Allinson-Madueke also another speculation?


7) Why did it take Allinson-Madueke this long before reacting?


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