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Litmus Test For Tonye Cole




Those who have met Sahara Energy’s co-founder, Tonye Cole, will attest to his passion.

The man can be passionate especially when it involves something that he believes in and desires.

To become the next governor of Rivers state is something which Cole definitely desires, but the task ahead of him is indeed frightening.

Like the fable, to become the first citizen of Rivers state, Cole, would have to cross seven oceans and seven seas.

Practically, he would have to sell and hope the likes of Magnus Abe, Dumo Lulu-Briggs and Dawari George buy his dreams of a sense of belonging to all the people of Rivers state including youths, incapacitated and elderly.

This would give him the needed impetus to face Nyesome Wike fair and square. But will he get the needed support, will he survive this litmus test?


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