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Lasbrey, Melody Axed From Project Fame‬



Lasbrey and Melody

Lasbrey and Melody

‪After David’s exit, the competition took a new turn as the remaining contestants strived to be at their best. The show this time had Melody and Lasbrey sadly saying goodbye. It was quite an emotionally tensed one as the pain of saying farewell came to bare. However the contestants were quick to conform to reality and stood up to the new challenge that is about to come their way.‬

Meanwhile, the judges in the course of the week evaluated the numerous Wild Card competition entries uploaded on Youtube by individuals who have been vying for a spot in the Academy. These hopefuls who were pruned to five came on the show to battle it out for the vacant Wild Card entry into the Academy. After their performances, they were left in the hands of the audience to determine who makes it into the Academy by their votes.‬

‪This was immediately followed by an amazing group performance by all contestants not on probation who did a medley, paying special tribute to some legends of Motown.‬

‪Then, came the dreaded moment when the contestants on probation had to know their fate. The studio was in a state of ‘pin-drop’ silence and the heartbeats of these five could be heard from afar. Flourish emerged the first lucky one among the five as she came through viewers votes.‬

The Faculty decided to save Ugo; so Melody, Lasbery and Debbie could only count on the contestants’ votes as a life saver. Alas! Debbie beat the other two to it with 5 votes, while Lasbrey and Melody got two votes apiece. This sadly, brought Melody and Lasbrey’s sojourn on Project Fame West Africa 7.0 to an abrupt end.‬

They however left a big smile on the audience faces as they performed ‘Tease Me’ and ‘Gobe’ respectively for the last time on Project Fame West Africa 7.0 stage.‬

The following day was indeed a night of stellar performances as the contestants took on two of Naija’s finest afro-pop artistes, performing their major hit songs.‬

‪The show witnessed so much excitement and cheering from the crowd as the contestants throughout as they took on the battle not only to excite the audience but to also stay off probation. Clement especially proved to be a fighter. Despite all he had been through in the past week, and his inability to stand, he was still able to effortlessly put up a fantastic performance.‬

Amazingly, they all seem to have become dancers overnight, and the shy ones swaggered up and down the stage, evidently enjoying every bit of their performances; all thanks to Kaffy.‬

While they got a standing ovation from the audience, the faculty, and even the guest judge Akosia Agyapong, it was quite a shocker when the judges announced that all the contestants had been placed on probation.‬

‪This did not sit well with the audience and of course the faculty members. Mummy J demanded an explanation for such a decision when it was clear that the judges were impressed with the performances. Tee Y Mix, speaking on behalf of the judges said the contestants needed to be shaken up a bit, so they can always give their A game.‬

‪Overall, the judges announced their favourite performances for the evening, and they are Clement, Shola, and Debby’s




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