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Lagos First Lady Set To Launch Social Media Campaign Against Sexual and Gender Based Violence



The Office of the First Lady, Lagos State invites you to participate in the Virtual Launch of Her 14 Days Social Media Campaign Against Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) which holds on the 7th of  December 2020, on social media platforms.

Statistics show that most victims and survivors of SGBV fall within the ages of 10 – 45years. These categories of citizens rely more on social media (new media) for information.

As part of our awareness activities during the On-going Global 16 Days Activism Against GBV, we in Lagos, Nigeria are leading a 14 Days Social Media Campaign from 7th to 20th December 2020. This will create more awareness about SGBV leveraging the power of the social media while also reaching our target audience. To make this interesting we have created a link.

To participate in the virtual launch of this social media Campaign against GBV please open this link to sign your pledge using the steps below: and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Fill in your name (First name and Surname) in full.

Step 2: Upload your favourite picture (portrait size) from your phone, camera, laptop, or device and adjust to fit photo frame.

N/B: Traditional Rulers are to use pictures that display their ceremonial attires. Religious leaders also to use official photo portraits. Law enforcement officers are to use pictures that display their different professions. Where this is impossible you may use any good picture of yours.

Step 3: Click “crop and upload”

Step 4: Select from the templates in the link which category best describes you (Mr Governor, Mr Deputy Governor, Mr Lawmaker, Law Enforcement Officer, Traditional Ruler, Gidi Girl, Gidi Boy, Lagosian, etc)

Step 5: Download on your device to share on Instagram immediately.

Step 6: Please share immediately on your social media platforms (facebook, twitter, whatsapp, linked in, and email, etc) using  our hashtag #LagosSGBVWeek2020# and #OrangetheWorld# in all your posts. Please feel free to reshare all our daily awareness posts within our campaign period.

Together, we can say NO to SGBV in Lagos

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