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Junior Pope: What Movie Producer, Blessing Ebigieson Is Saying About Actor’s Death



Blessing Ebigieson

Nollywood movie producer, Blessing Ebigieson has reacted to the death of popular Nigerian actor, Junior Pope.

In her reaction, the President of the Association of Movie Producers noted that Junior Pope should have walked out of the movie set or filed a petition having been given a dirty life jacket to board the boat.

Recall that the actor and three others died in a boat mishap that took place in Anam River in Anambra State on April 10.

Upon sanctions by the Actors Guild of Nigeria led by Emeka Rollas, Adanma Luke, alleged that Junior Pope was given a life jacket before embarking on the boat, but he rejected it saying it was dirty.

Speaking on Arise TV this morning, Ebigueson said the actor should have insisted on not embarking on the journey if he wasn’t satisfied with the life jacket he was given.

‘’The very first person I called when it happened was the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria and he told me what was going on there. The thing I asked him was this Producer, what is her name? I need to know if she is my member and he told me the name and I found of the person. I spoke with her and she explained everything that happened. She wasn’t there when it happened. She said she was supposed to be there but was going to pick a hard drive and by the time she got there, the incident had happened and when she left, there was somebody in charge of the production, it was the production manager.

“We all know that sometimes these crew members are always afraid of these big celebrities because Production manager told her that they gave Jnr Pope a live jacket on that boat. They were 12 of them.  When the boat capsized, seven of them survived. He said they gave him a life jacket, he said it was dirty.

“My thought was, if it was dirty, as a big celebrity like you, what you are supposed to is to say go and wash it or get me a new one or I am not going to move. You can walk out of that set, write a petition against that producer and we will take it up or even get the police and we will get the police to arrest the producer because the producer is sending you on a suicide mission”

Also, Ebigieson stated that the boat rider should have insisted that everyone on the boat wore life jackets before entering.

Making a case for the producer of the movie, Luke, who she said is a breastfeeding mother and should not be pushed into committing suicide.

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