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ISG Unfolds 2020 Economic Plan For Africa



In its resolve to build a sustainable economic growth in Africa, a world-class infrastructure building giant, International Service Group (ISG) has vowed to empower Africans and enhance economic advancement, as it promises to collaborate and finance any willing government in Africa to fund projects that will boost the economy of the nation.


In the organization’s New Year package for the Continent of Africa aptly tagged ”Vision 2020”, ISG detailed its projection on how it intends to finance willing African governments to create economic growth in their countries by improving, renewing and adjusting the infrastructure.


In a statement signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the International Service Group (ISG), Mr. Steven Tuinstra, the organization believes that if Africa concentrates on the development of Infrastructure and fights corruption, the continent is capable of ruling the World.


ISG, according to Tuinstra, in its Vision 2020 package for Africa is committed to providing funding for any country that is ready to develop their country to a higher level, declaring that the organization has projected billions of dollars to render Financing to any country on the continent that is willing to embark on capital projects that will enhance development and job creation for the citizens.


Tuinstra mentioned further that, the areas of Interest for the organization in building infrastructure in Africa include roads, railway, airports, ports, bridges, and electricity to improve power amongst others, as he assured ISG’s total financing of projects in the one specified areas.


He pointed out that his experience in Africa has exposed him to the fact that even though Africa is rich on resources, people are very poor with no jobs for the citizens.


According to the ISG boss, traveling across Africa and seeing people suffering in spite of the enormous wealth in resources calls for concern.  He thus vowed that ISG through its unique funding model that connects all of the dots is now ready to make the necessary financing available, which has been the main issue of the African nation to improve lives for African citizens.


Tuinstra, in the statement, disclosed that ISG is currently financing projects all over Africa, ISG has among others signed agreement to build an Olympic Village in Ivory Coast towards the successful hosting of CAF 2023, while Plans are in top gear to finance the construction of 100,000 low-cost housing unit in Ghana and the construction of Railway throughout West Africa.


He concluded that the infrastructure building giant would leave no stone unturned in ensuring that Africa realizes its potentials.

Meanwhile, the Organization has appointed a Nigerian International Journalist, Moses Owopade as its Media & Publicity Adviser.


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