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Infidelity: Tonbra Alamiesiegha’s wife Chikodi Stella Ononiwu caught pant down as marriage crashes




This is not the best of times for Tonbra Alamiesiegha, the son of former governor of Bayelsa State, Alamiesiegha.

Gist has it that the dude’s seven month old wedding to Chikodi Stella Ononiwu has crashed beyound repair. Those who know say they parted ways under circumstances that are very shocking.

According to Insiders Tonbra’s wife Chikodi began an extra marital relationship with a married Banker identified as Ernest who also lives in Abuja and as they say one thing led to another.

Before anyone could say “John Thomas” the duo were exchanging amorous text messages. The pair exchanged messages telling each other how they couldn’t wait to be together again after every session of passionate meeting at their hide out.

Trouble however started when Tonbra suspected his wife was up to something and when the opportunity came, her phone revealed all what was going on and even had venues of meetings with her lover Ernest an indigene from Western Nigeria.n The messages also showed that lover boy used to pick up Chikodi right from home in her husbands absence.

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A scene was plotted and Tonbra left town on a business trip and after darling wife Chikodi kissed him goodbye,she immediately informed Ernest who earnestly made out time same day and picked her up from her home front but unknown to both, they were being trailed to the hotel where they normally unleashed their passion.

Chikodi was caught pants down with her lover Ernest on Thursday February 6,2015 by the team that had been following her activities. As they burst into the hotel room to catch the lovers in the act, Chikodi enacted a scene and there was serious altercation which was caught on a mobile phone device as proof.

Tonbra who convinced of his wife’s infidelity after she was caught pants down , threw her out on Saturday February 8, 2015 and she has since returned to her parents house and Ernest is nowhere to be found.
As it is,  Chikodi cannot approach any of her husbands family to beg on her behalf because there was an open air of hostility between her and her in laws when she was with Tonbra.
As you read this, Chikodi’s remaining personal belongings in her husbands house has been ferried across to her at her new abode and we heard Tonbra swored  to move on with his life and is really emotionally battered because their marriage appeared made in heaven.
Tonbra paid the bride price of Chikodi Stella Ononiwu who is the CEO – House of Diella on Saturday July 19, 2014 in Nwangele Local Government, Imo State.


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