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Imo : Rights of   Deputy Governor’s Ex Aide  Not Violated-Group




By Olivia Ibuchi


A  group under the aegis of  Equal Justice Initiative has insisted that the fundamental human rights of  arrested former aide to the Deputy Governor of

Imo State  Aku Obidinma has not been violated . Mr. Obidinma worked as

Special Assistant  on Political Matters to Prince Eze Madumere , Imo Deputy

Governor  who is also his kinsman from 2013 to  June 2015. When he was relieved of his duties due to allegations that he diverted funds meant for the upkeep of some workers in the department he became a fiery critic of his former boss.


The group made this assertion in a Press Statement in Owerri signed by  Its President Mr  Daniel Ezekwe. According to the group Mr Obidinma was arraigned in court  in November 2016  for defamation at  the Magistrate court (Mbaitoli Magisterial District) Imo State . He was immediately   granted bail which is his constitutional right as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria . Bail is discretionary and the court exercised it in his  favour.



Ezekwe said ‘’since November  Mr Obidinma  has not been able to  fulfill

his bail conditions and has been  in prison custody pending the fulfillment. Efforts are being made by concerned persons to get a variation of bail conditions for him.”


The group noted that  it is the duty of the   citizens to  promote transparency and accountability in the working of the government  but that  in recent times, rather than hitting the wrong in the system, many  persons who are aggrieved  turn  activists and runners of NGO’s   overnight without any functional office  and  start dishing out allegations against their former boss  to see if they can force them to make U-turns and give them back  their  jobs.


“An  activist has to highlight the wrongdoings in the society to bring

improvement in the system but when an activists starts targeting his former

boss for vested interests, it  is wrong. The whole purpose of the Freedom of Information Act gets defeated if things are taken personally. Give me money or I write against you policy by activists should be avoided and as responsible citizens, we need to bring transparency and improvement in the system.

As  responsible citizens we have  the right to point out the wrong but blackmailing is certainly not acceptable. An activist has to work for a noble cause rather than act like a politician. We should keep on striking at the flaws in the system but not to make allegations we can’t prove. We must understand that if we ourselves become the part of a rotten system, how will we bring a change”  The group concluded.

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