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I Lived In A Shelter In The U.S -Tiwa Savage



Gender Inequality

Following the release of her latest album ‘Celia,’ Tiwa Savage, has released sober information about her past.

Reflecting on life before she became a star, the singer revealed that she lived in a shelter in the U.S.

The ‘Koroba’ singer made the revelation at an album celebration party organised by her friends, adding that she once lived in a shelter.

“I think I was 22 and we were in New York, I was living in a shelter, a lot of people didn’t know this. It was a shelter for women, they had like drug abusers. I just graduated from school.

“You know as an international student, you can’t work, so I couldn’t work but I was doing the side. It was the hood in Brooklyn,” Tiwa Savage said.

Continuing she said: “Elohor came to New York, she has always been that girl, she was like ‘let’s go;’ she was like ‘let’s just hook up, let’s go and eat.’ We went to Timesquare, I ordered an appetizer because I was so broke and I was so hungry! And I remember she was just looking at me asking ‘what are you ordering’ and I was like I’m not really hungry.

“She just kept asking me are you sure and I just started crying and when she asked what was the matter, I was like Elohor I don’t have money, she started ordering stuff and even ordered stuff for me to take home and I just remembered going home to my box in the shelter and I just started crying.

“I was like I can’t believe this girl just made my day. So, the first time when they posted my picture on Timesquare, she was the first person I called to say Elohor do you remember the first time? That was 20 years later,” Tiwa Savage recounted her experience.




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