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How Primate Ayodele Warned Against Gas Explosion, Death Of Former Governor, Boko Haram Attack, Others



Primate Ayodele


Prophecies are meant to foretell what is going to happen in future, most of the time they come like a warning to whoever is concerned, and the repercussion its neglect is always serious.

Popular prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele is known for releasing prophetic warnings, through his book titled Warning to the nations, and by releasing periodic prophecies about issues.

In the lastest edition of his book, the man of God released some warnings that have come been coming to pass since 2020, some have just been fulfilled.

1 Gas Explosion In Lagos: Few days ago, the people of Amuwo Odofin in Lagos were running helter-skelter after a serious gas explosion happening injuring lot of people.

The man of God in his book on page 76 revealed that he foresees explosion in Lagos. Several explosions have taken place since he said this and the latest one in Amuwo Odofin just confirmed it.

2 Death Of Former Governor : Days ago, a former military administrator or governor of Oyo state, Colonel Ahmed Usman died of an undisclosed illness.

During the release of his 2021 prophecies which was done on December 22,2020, Primate Ayodele asked that Nigerians should pray against the death of a one time governor.

The former Governor of Lagos, Lateef Jakande died some months back, and another one has just fulfilled his prophecy, Colonel Ahmed Usman who was a former governor of Oyo state.

3 Death Of Nollywood Actress : The nollywood industry and broadcasting association were thrown into mourning days back when a 38 year old film producer, Rachel Bakam died.

On page 239 of his annual book of prophecy, Primate Ayodele warned that nollywood industry need to pray against death of members because he foresees some deaths among them.

It is worthy of note that the amount of veterans and celebrity actors that have died since the release of this book is alarming, with the death of Rachel Bakam confirming the prophecy of Primate Ayodele

4 Security challenge : It is no more news that the security state of Nigeria in the last one year has been nothing to write home about, it has deteriorated.

The man of God on Page 299 under security revealed that He forsees that security state of Nigeria deteriorating, as we can see, Nigeria has experienced so much troubles in that area.

5 Fresh Attack On Borno : The people of Nganzai LG in Borno state didn’t know peace as Boko Haram members ceased the community, killed people during Ramadan prayers.

This was accurately predicted by Primate Ayodele in this annual book of prophecy on page 38 under borno state. He revealed that the local government will be attacked.

No doubt, Primate Ayodele has continued to be a voice in the prophetic ministry. He has also set record for being the only man of God who published his prophecy, release it for the public for accountability purpose and till now, no one has ever come out to say he predicted wrongly


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