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How Davido Confirmed Lati Biola Is His Errand Boy



Afrobeat singer, David Adeleke, popular as Davido, has once again confirmed Lati Biola is indeed his errand boy.

Initially employed as the singer’s assistant, Biola has been doing his job well in fact almost too well.

Reflecting on how he met his wife while pursuing a degree in music at Babcock University, Davido silently noted how Lati had become so handy.

He said in part, “I was in school for a year before I blew up. That was when I met my wife. I remember the day I saw her. I can never forget it.

“I was in a Prado, and I looked behind and I saw this girl walking. Just there with her bag, it was Chioma.

“I told Lati omo I like that girl, go and call that girl for me.

“He called her but she did not answer me at the time. Later on, she came to Lagos and we linked up. And I was like, yeah, I got you.”

Biola has been with Davido for over two decades and got to know the singer when he became an orphan having lost both parents.

Since then, he has been like Davido’s shadow, as he is always with him almost at all times.












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