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Hosa Okunbor: One Day, One Trouble?



If headaches could break a man’s head, that of Captain Hosa Okunor would have been crushed by now.

A man of many tribulations, his company OMS has been trailed by all sorts of unpleasant tales.

Aside from an alleged controversial payment of N263b which he has since reputed, there have also been other unpalatable talks about OMS and the man behind it.

While these challenges are enough headache, Okunbor is currently battling a fresh one in the issuance of Marine Notice to stakeholders by the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA), on the discontinuance of OMS operations in the Secure Anchorage Area (SAA).

Typical of the man and his allies, he has waved the new development away with a grin, describing it as the handiwork of his detractors.

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