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Hon. Lola Akande’s Political Career Suffers Setback



Hon. Lola Akande

Hon. Lola Akande

Presently, there seems to be fire on the mountain for Hon. Lola Akande, a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly representing Ikeja II constituency.

As the race for re-election draws nearer one thing which the dark-complexioned woman is begging for is job security and peace of mind. Hon. Akande, is currently been plagued by an epidemic which is from her home front, as the people of Ikeja II whom she was supposed to be representing have concluded to give their support to another candidate thereby declaring her seat surplus to
requirement and this is really giving her sleepless night.

According to our sources, their grouse with her is that she’s not representing them as expected, and that she’s scarcely visible in the constituency
she claimed she’s representing.

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Reacting to questions during a vox-pop with this writer, Wale Adeboye, who resides in Ogba, Lagos wondered if it was possible for Hon. Akande to represent her people and not reach
out to them, speaking further Adeboye revealed that since Hon.
Akande’s appointment she has hardly reached out to her people, as the
possibility of her having a constituency office around is under

Another young man who responded to our question, but pleaded anonymity told that it was only recently that Hon. Akande rented the shop which she calls her
Constituency Office around Aguda, Ogba, Lagos.

Findings by, revealed that having found out the real state
of her situation Hon. Akande is now desperate, as she tries to stop
the new faces springing up and showing interest in her job. Our
source, revealed that so unsettled is the woman that she confided in a
friend that she would do anything to keep her job.

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One of the suggestion the friend gave was to open a constituency office which the honourable recently did. Presently, she is said to be running from pillar to post to secure her job, but as the race for 2015, draws near
only time will tell what would become of her.

The full structure of the shopping complex housing Hon. Lola Akande's constituency office

The full structure of the shopping complex housing Hon. Lola Akande’s constituency office

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APC Names Sponsor Of Protest At Justice Odili’s House




The All Progressive Congress (APC), has denied being responsible for sponsoring the protest staged at the residence of Justice Mary Odili.

A protest held in front of Justice Odili’s house over the verdict on the Bayelsa governorship election.

According to APC’s Deputy Spokesperson, Yekini Nabena, the PDP and Governor Nysome Wike sponsored the protest to tarnish the image of the APC in Bayelsa.

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Nabena also added that the leadership of the APC had called on the party’s supporters not to engage in violence. He revealed that all legal avenues to reclaim the mandate are already being considered.

Justice Odili gave the Supreme Court’s verdict which sacked APC’s David Lyon as the governor-elect of Bayelsa state.

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Following the verdict, a protest linked to APC supporters was staged at the residence of the revered judge in Abuja.

The judgment paved the way for the emergence of People Democratic (PDP) candidate Douye Diri as the new Bayelsa governor.


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Oshiomole Must Go – APC Young Stakeholders




The APC Young Stakeholders who protested at the Party Secretariat today has called on the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress Mr. Adams Oshiomole to forsake his position, adding that “Enough is enough! We are tired of the lackadaisical and weak leadership this man has given, he must go!”

The Convener of APC Young Stakeholders, Ahmed Adamu in a statement today enumerated the sins of Oshiomole as follows:

– Micromanaging the Party and weakening the other organs of the party: Oshiomole has made the APC a one man show, that borders around himself and himself alone. Nothing else works in the party without his control. The other organs of the party have become weak. From the secretariat, to the youth wing, all are dead, because he has made the party revolve around him.


– Zero accountability: The party has raised Billions and Billions of Naira from the sale of forms during the 2019 elections. Up to date, Oshiomole has not been able to account for these moneys, neither has he been able to show anything of worth in which he has spent the money on.



– Inability to manage internal crisis: Oshiomole has shown lack of leadership capacity to manage the internal issues of the party. While it is not new that there would be disagreements within the party, effective and determined leadership would ordinarily bring everyone together. These qualities, Adams Oshiomole lacks. Rather than be a unifier he has been a divider of the party. He has caused needless friction among members that has led to so much hate and anger in the party.


– Loss of States: Due to the incompetence of the Party Chairman, Adams Oshiomole, the Party has been on a loosing streak. He has created a lot of division in the states and through sharp practices encouraged by him, he has allowed fraud divide the party in states. This has led us to unfortunate losses in states. Under the incompetence of Oshiomole, we have lost Zamfara, Bacuhi, Sokoto, Adamawa, Benue and Oyo States. His recklessness and inability to manage the party is looking like we are up for more losses again.

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– The party has become more divided under Adams Oshiomole. Members have been set against each other to become enemies and he has failed to provide the unifying leadership needed.


– The party has become ideologically directionless under Adams Oshiomole. He has refused to entertain any scholarly seminars, intellectual conferences to boost the party’s policy-making and ideological growth.


– The party today is home to several unresolved disputes – due to his immaturity and inability to provide leadership.


– Issues of Payment for Ticket: Several members of the party were defrauded by proxies of Adams Oshiomole who had collected money from him with the promise that they would be secured tickets and victories at the primaries. His proxies collected these moneys and it turned out that they were defrauded with no tickets.


Signed: Ahmed Adamu 


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Tinubu 2023 Presidency Would Be Illogical, Most Disruptive-Bode George



The former deputy national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Bode George has described a 2023 Tinubu presidency as illogical and most disruptive.

George said this during an interview with published on Sunday, February 16.

Bola Tinubu

“It would be the most illogical and most disruptive issue to have him (Tinubu) elected as President,” he said.

The PDP stalwart, who intends to contest the 2023 presidential election attacked Tinubu, adding he was throwing an open challenge to him.

George, who acknowledged the fact that PDP required remodelling and confirmed that the party would be beaten stupid at elections if it continues as it is, stated that if the PDP’s zoning formula for the presidency points to the South, it should be given to the Southeast because they have never had it, adding that if the name Tinubu pops up in the APC, he would go all out to contest with him.

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He also said that he would dump Nigeria for Togo if the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, wins the presidential election in 2023.

“If this happens, I will disown Nigeria to take the citizenship of Togo or any other country. Look, what this fellow did in my state, all the lies and the most painful thing was that on the day of the election (2019 election) two bullion vans drove in the daylight to his house and what did Professor Itse Sagay say, that he (Tinubu) had been a very wealthy man before. Where was he wealthy?”

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Meanwhile, Tinubu has not declared interest in contesting for the position.

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