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Group Condemns Call For The Impeachment Of Saraki



Bukola Saraki

Voice  from the  East  (VEAST) , an Igbo  Group,   has condemned  call for   the impeachment  of  Bukola  Saraki   as  Senate  President  by  Adams  Oshiomhole  and  entire  APC  hierarchy ,  describing  it as   convolution  of   democratic contours  that could  ruffle  the feathers of peaceful coexistence  in a  hitherto fragile  Nigeria .

While  addressing journalists  in Enugu over the issue, the convener  of the group, Comrade  Kindness  Jonah, wondered why  glaring democratic undoing  by the present government    have   been tactically down played  by the same  source calling for the impeachment of  Saraki .  ‘‘‘‘ Why  have   Adams  Oshiomhole  and APC   shamefully and knowingly ignored the   hydra-headed  dispositions of  the negative  mantra  exhibited  by the present administration  whose   leadership   has,   like   a  greenhorn, plunged  Nigeria  into the abyss of oblivion  and blood-let:

  1. Invasion  of National Assembly  to  impeach   Bukola  Saraki  and  Ike  Ekweremadu
  2. Invasion of  Benue  House  of Assembly to impeach Governor   Samuel  Ortom.
  3. Invasion of Imo State  House of Assembly  to  impeach  Deputy  Governor   Madumere
  4. Militarization  and  Rigging of  elections  in Ekiti State   to  spite  Governor Ayo Fayose
  5. Fullblown  islamization  agenda  in the wanton  and wreckless  killings  by  Fulaniherdsmen,  with  the Life  Patron  of Miyettiallah- MACBAN, the national   umbrella body  of  all  Fulaniherdsmen  in Nigeria, calling the shots.

This  is  the  five-some   fiendish  manipulations  by a  regime   too religiously situated that  religion is  hardly ever divorced    from governance  .’’’’  The group pointed out  in its  further full blown condemnation  of the frenetic call  for the  impeachment of  Saraki  that ,   these  scenarios would  dampen any democratic  meaningfulness , and wondered  why  the same  source   has  not called   for the impeachment of the  leadership of the current administration despite  what it called ‘‘ the  glaring  naked truth news  of the   draconic maneuvers   of  all known  and unknown codes of  democratic  equanimity attributable to the  leadership  of the present administration ’’ . ‘‘‘VEAST   evaluated the  scenario  with  passion for change  and came up with the following observations:  The  change   mantra  of   the  present administration is   tilted towards full islamization of Nigeria (  as  evidenced in the wanton killings  across  every length  and breadth of Nigeria   by Fulaniherdsmen )   which many Nigerians   mistook for  positive  change.     None of  these   should be impeached :   Saraki  ,  Ekweremadu  ,   Ortom   ,   Fayose   or   Madumere . OR , impeach  them   , and also  impeach Buhari, because  what  is good to the goose  , is also good to the  gander ” .


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