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Governor Fashola’s failure turns Rotimi Amaechi’s blessing




A lot of people might not really know the implications of what Governor Rotimi Amaechi, has done by picking the medical bills of ace producer, OJB’s Kidney transplant, but it goes alone way.
While the issue at hand is not the $100,000,00 (16 million) which the amiable governor dropped, it is pertinent to note that the man who is based in the east and far away from southern Nigeria, was the one who came to the rescue of the musician.
At this point, the popular Yoruba adage which when translated to English means a “Chicken has no value at home” quickly comes to mind, as one is forced to wonder why the State Government could not come to his aide when help was needed. After all, all OJB needs is 16 million Naira, what some people would consider as peanut money when compared to the 673million which Adeyemi Ikuforiji and his aide are currently been alleged of misappropriating.
Was is greed, confusion, insinuations, perhaps a lack of care for the electorate and masses or the general lackadaisical attitude that the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) is known to often time exhibit when needed that led to the State Government ceremoniously withdrawing its initial plan to help the artiste, all these are questions that had relevance when people postulated on why the Raji Fashola-led government of Lagos State abandoned OJB, as presently the talk in town is that it is not wise to anticipate any assistance from both the duo of the governor and his government.
While it is true that the self acclaimed chairman of the OJB fund raising committee, Nomoreloss  and Blackberry subscribers who were busy broadcasting and rebroadcasting false donations did not help matters and also influence the decision by the FAshola government to withdraw its initial planned support, one fact which remain is that presently Governor Fashola has been floored by Amaechi with his donation. That he even sought to do the donation quietly, but could not, as people got wind of the whole development makes the man even more princely.
And for those who had earlier donated to the project save OJB’s life, well it is a fact that the family would sustain while the musician is abroad and a medical team would have to be aboard the plan when OJB travels and even at that when he returns he will have to recuperate, so no money wasted, as one certain thing is that every man shall be judged by the work of his hand.





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