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Shocker: Globacom Boss’s Son, Paddy Adenuga, Reveals Best Kept Secret




Paddy Adenuga, son of Globacom boss Mike Adenuga has revealed one of his best kept secrets.

Known for his love for nightlife and the fine things of life, the younger Adenuga has had his fair share of them all.

Adenuga shocked the world in the early hours of Tuesday, January 9, when he revealed that he had been engaged twice, but none of the engagements led to a marriage. The statement many believe is to ward off ladies sliding into his DM.

Prior to now, no one knew that he had ever been engaged despite the fact that he had once revealed that he was not likely to get married or father a child in the next 10 years, as he is dedicated to his work.

Many would recall that the fair-complexioned soft-spoken man used to be based in Nigeria, before relocating to America.

His relocation was hinged on a faceoff between him and his father over his excessive youthful exuberance and his lack of respect for delegated authority.

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