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Getting Married To Niyi Johnson Is A Dream Come True- Toyin Aimakhu




Toyin Aimakhu – Johnson is one of the actresses in the Nigerian movie industry who has been tagged a “bad girl”. In this interview with our REPORTER, she speaks on some of the issues on her acting career Toyin-Aimakhu-and her marriage.

In the movie industry you are described as a very erratic lady, is that the true description of whom you are?

I am a nice, friendly and accommodating person; I am not harsh or aggressive like people say. All I do is act and interpret my role. I love my private life a lot. I believe in honesty and perseverance. I play a lot; I don’t lie to myself and as such I don’t go beyond my limit. I also believe in timing.

But you seem to have accepted the bad girl image?

I am not a harsh or aggressive person. It is just that some people erroneously mix the role I interpret in movies with the real me. Another thing is that people often times ask very funny questions and when you answer them, they say you are rude.

I am a very nice and friendly person and I know that without my fans, I am nothing.

But are you a spoilt child?

When I just got in the industry, I had problems with some people. They felt I was rude. It is not that I am rude. It is the way I was brought up. In my house they allow us to express ourselves freely. Even with my father, you have the right to express yourself. That was my upbringing. You can talk; you do not have to be scared of anybody. My parents would listen to you talk; they would not make you afraid of them by threatening you with punishment. They wanted us to be bold and that is it.

You have been quoted as saying that you never wanted to be an actress…

It is a fact. I wanted to be a physiotherapist because I love attending to people and taking care of them.

Some people say you have a complex problem; hence you keep men at arms length, is this true?

I cope perfectly when I am around men because right from my childhood my friends have been guys. I feel safe around them.

How do you cope with the attention from men especially now that you are married?

I am married and I know it. I don’t joke with my husband and my family. My family is everything to me.

What is the most unimpressive thing a man has said to you as an actress?

Prior to my marriage, men walk up to me with some of the lamest pick up lines. Some would even ask you questions they already know the answer.

The society we live in today frowns at actresses, how do you feel about this? 

My answer will probably be something you have heard before. They say actresses are wayward, but it happens everywhere. However, because actresses are popular faces they become reference point for anything negative.

What is your take on actresses who date married men?

I do not have anything against people that date married men but I have never dated a married man and I would never do such.

What are the trends in the movie industry which you avoid?

I dress moderately without exposing any part of my body. I don’t wear earrings or skimpy clothes. I do not have tattoos, I do not use make-up except when I am on set or I am going for an event.

Can you flash back to when you first saw your husband, what was the experience like?

Niyi is my junior colleague but three years older than me. I saw him in a movie and I was impressed by his acting.  Sometime back, Funke Akindele called me for a job, Oro omo. On getting to the set, I met him and he came to me and said he is playing my boyfriend, I did not sound excited about it. I kept my cool. We however became closer when they stole my car, because it gave everybody a reason to console me.

Describe your husband.

He is my happiness, my joy, my crown and I feel safe whenever he is around me. Usually when I am asked about him, I feel butterflies in my tummy, I love him and If I want to eat I call him; if he wants to do anything he calls me. We talk all the time.

What attracted you to him?

Among other things I was impressed by his intelligence the first time we met. I had seen him in Tinsel and his command of English language is beautiful and that attracted me more to him. We also share the passion for reading.

You seem to love it when you are asked how your husband proposed to you, so I will ask you how did proposed to you.

It was on December 31, 2012, we were coming from a movie location and he proposed on a ferry. It was really sweet. He asked and I said yes. I will not go into the details since you already know it or you will make fun of me.

How do you react when your husband interpret romantic roles?

My man is an actor and a model, so I understand it is his job.

What other side Toyin Aimakhu is hidden from her fans?

I pray a lot.

Finally, what was growing up like?

Growing up was fun for me although I was born and brought up in a poor background. In my growing up days, we were made to sell stuffs on the road. We would go and fetch water from a distance like Maryland to Ikeja, but it was fun for me; I go to the farm to fetch cassava; I can actually make Garri but now everything has changed.





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