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Fresh Storm For Ibe Kachikwu




That former Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu has been in hibernation for a while is stating the obvious.

Having been sacked as a minister, the man simply went off the radar leaving questions about his whereabouts, with many wondering what could have happened to him.

Though he is yet to surface, he was on the front burner during the week, following allegations by his detractors that he smuggled a stolen car into America in 2012.

According to the gist, the Jaguar was subsequently impounded in America and returned to Nigeria by the US Custom.

Despite this narrative, Kachikwu’s associates have been quick to refute the allegation saying that he bought the said car in 2009, from a company called Dazz Motors Nigeria Limited.

Also, they maintain that the ex-minister paid fully for the car and the same was registered by the dealer, Emmanuel Jack in Kachikwu’s name.

They further maintain that it was at the point of Kachikwu exporting the car to the US as a gift to a relation that customs in the country raised eyebrows because it did not conform with the road laws of America in the aspect of emission control.

They also added that Kachikwu subsequently returned the car to the dealer, who in turn refunded his payment in full, adding there was never proof that the car was stolen and that the former Minister had proven his innocence.

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