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Former PDP Bot Member Retires From Politics




Emmanuel Iwuanyawu, a former Board of Trustees (BoT) member of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has retired from active politics.

Iwuanyawu, who is one of the most popular politicians in the South East retired from politics after 43 years in active politics.

He announced his retirement in Owerri at a news conference on Thursday, August 8.

He also urged the country’s security intelligence to immediately profile Nigerians supporting foreign invaders and declare them national sabortuers.

Iwuanyawu advised the Federal Government not to romance with the issue of insecurity as it has become a national emergency.

“Those attacking Nigerians are majorly foreign invaders, I wonder why Nigerian intelegence cannot profile those we call unknown gunmen.

“This is the right time for the federal government to establish state police, Nigerian problem cannot end without restructuring and state police,” he said.

He said the federal government should also enact a law empowering state governments to acquire arms and take absolute control of security in their states.

“It’s very laughable for any governor to advise the people to defend themselves against invaders.

“It is not possible to fight invaders operating with automatic rifles with a den gun, so state governors must be allowed to take over the security architecture in their various states,” he said.


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