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Former Delta State Speaker Victor Ochei Fall Into Political Obscurity***Axed By Peoples Democratic Party*** Lobby All Progressive Congress




Nemesis has no doubt caught up with Victor Ochei, the former speaker of Delta State House of Assembly.

Those who remember will tell you that Ochei was instrumental to the impeachment of Olisa Imegwu. In fact, the story is that  he was responsible for physically pulling off the chair on which Imegwu sat the day he was impeached.

Ochei can also not feign ignorance in the crisis that led to the ouster of Martins Okonta, also a former speaker of the house of assembly.

And like the saying “what goes around comes around”, today he is just a sitting member of the house. Prior to his ouster as Speaker of the Delta State House Ochei was seen as the most powerful member of the house. This is because of his financial war chest most of which he made through his company responsible for the installation and maintenance of the streetlight in Asaba. The company, was also involved in the controversial IPP in Oghara.

Though Ochei initially refused to resign when it was clear that the house was ready to impeach him hoping to buy his way out of the crisis he had found himself it  took a group of his friends to visit him and persuaded him to take the option of resignation so as not to be disgraced out of office.

In his bid to buy his way out of his impending impeachment Ochei was alleged to have promised the lawmakers N20M to back off the impeachment but his grudgers were also said to have countered by promising the lawmakers N50M.

Presently, the former speaker has fallen from grace to grass and he is said to be desperate to save his gubernatorial ambition, as such he is presently eyeing All Progressive Congress (APC), as his plan B because Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is block for him now.

The plan is for Ochei’s stooge to be given the  ticket only for him to in turn step down for his boss later on. The source confirmed that Ochei will be a big fish for APC to have.

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