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Find out why you might land in court for addressing Bode George wrongly



Bode George

Bode George

Since the cancellation of the tag ‘ex-convict’ from the name of Bode George, via the reversal of a Lagos High Court judgement which had earlier convicted him for fraud it has become libellous to describe him as such.

A source close to the man, revealed that though a lot of people will still see him as having gone to jail It is of no relevance to George, as the clearance was what mattered the most.

The source; further noted that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s stalwart would definitely sue any one who wrongly categorises him.

It has been a serious joke in the society that anyone who dares as much as use the title ex-con with the man’s name will be sued to court.

You may recollect that George had spent his jail time in Kirikiri Maximum prison.

George was discharge and acquitted on the claims that prosecutors at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had no evidence of his intention to commit fraud at the Nigeria Port Authority (NPA) where as chairman of the NPA board he was caught presiding over a contract bazaar.

The conviction was reversed by a panel of judges headed by a controversial judge, John Afolabi Fabiyi JSC, ruled that the charges of “contract splitting” upon which George was convicted is unknown to law.

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