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Fidelity Bank on Social Media: Where Community service Meets with Content



Fidelity Bank

There is more to social media than just uploading posts. A combined focus on strategy and execution is required to dominate the platforms. For Fidelity Bank, it is not just about the number of followers on the social media platforms but about serving the social media community, staff and brand engagement. To this end, the Bank developed and implemented a series of initiatives to add value to its followers both internal and external.

Fidelity Bank on Social Media: Where Community service Meets with Content

Fidelity Bank in partnership with BTDT Hub (a leading global human capital company) and a corporate influencer, Ogbeni Dipo set the ball rolloing with #FidelityCVClinic. The CV Clinic seeks to assist people in revamping their CVs. The event organizers asked participants to submit short entries about their career goals in exchange for a chance to have their CVs revamped and a free interview prep session offered by BTDT Hub.


The Green Room, an Instagram based initiative, aimed specifically at Gen Z, provided an avenue where their favorite influencers can come in and speak about topics that are important to them, such as fashion, beauty, entrepreneurship, branding, food, and so on. For each episode, there is a reward for followers.


The first season included interviews with Obi Cubana, Chairman of the Cubana Entertainment Group, and online influencers such as Enioluwa Adeoluwa (Beauty Boy), Sharon Ooja (Actress), Eki Ogunbor, Blessing Abeng, The Social Media Oga, and Zeelicious (Chef & TV Host).


Fidelity Bank also created #FidelityFootballBanters to infuse a bit of lifestyle into discussions about major football tournaments and leagues from around the world, recognising the importance of football online and offline. The fans are rewarded for participating in these discussions with us.


In terms of employee engagement, Fidelity Weekly was initially created to serve the internal audience, but with a more youthful tone. Described as a platform for staff, by staff, the hosts and guests of the show are Fidelity Bank employees. Current events, games, interviews, and playlists are among the topics covered in the episodes. It was introduced to the public following its initial run and became a back-to-back hit by the second season.


Seeing how successful this was, Fidelity Bank created InfoBites – an internal blog hosted on SharePoint, to foster bonding and camaraderie. It is an informal avenue for staff to “let loose”, get to know one another, and form a stronger bond, with content centered on trends, gist and entertainment.


While these are the existing initiatives of the Bank, it is clear that creating a genuine connection with not only the external but also the internal audience is top of mind for the Bank.





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