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Femi Fani-Kayode Describe Obidients As ‘Poor Little Children’




Erstwhile Nigerian Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has described supporters of Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi as ”poor little children”.

According to Fani-Kayode, ”Obidients” enjoy hurling insults at others but cannot take insults themselves.

He said this in a post shared on his social media handles today Friday, October 7.

“The problem with Peter and his Obidients is that they know how to throw punches but they don’t know how to take them.

“They enjoy hurling insults at others but they can’t take insults themselves. One small jab & their glass jaws are broken & ego shattered. Poor little children.” Fani-Kayode post readPoor little children - FFK tackles Peter Obi supporters.

Poor little children - FFK tackles Peter Obi supporters

Fani-Kayode’s post comes hours after he was dragged by the Obidients for describing Obi as a “mannerless dunce with low self-esteem.”

FFK in a post shared on social media last night, attacked Obi for saying he doesn’t reply to spokespersons of any politician.

“You don’t respond to comments of presidential spokespersons because you are a mannerless dunce with low self-esteem and you have no answers,” Fani-Kayode said.

Further, he said;

“No presidential candidate worth his salt will ever join issues with you directly because you are far too low down the ladder. Asiwaju to Waziri to Kwankwaso I can see but to add an Obi to that list in a public debate or discussion would be a grave insult.

“Who the hell is he and what does he know about anything other than misleading his gullible followers on social media and selling Tomato puree, Bournvita and toothpaste?

“He would not last five minutes in a debate with ANY of our presidential spokespersons and even Kwankwaso’s and Atiku’s would give him a hard time.”

Fani-Kayode’s post did not sit well with Obideints who stormed his social media accounts to drag him.


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