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Fahim Saleh’s Ingenuity




Fahim Saleh is proving to be an ingenious businessman.

Known as the co-founder and co-Chief Executive Officer of Gokada, he battled with a lot of emotion when the Lagos State government practically shut down his business.

Explaining that a restriction on motorcycles would mean taking the jobs of a lot of people struggling to care for their family, his explanation barely made any difference.

Fahim’s ace was recently unveiled when he launched the logistic and delivery arm of his business in a bid to shore up lost revenues arising from the restriction of motorcycles in Lagos State.

‘Chop’ Gokada’s food delivery service waiting to be unveiled has now been speedily pushed out albeit in a test mode. ‘Chop’ doubles as the channel for an on-demand and batched delivery system for Fahim’s e-Commerce partners.

No doubt, Fahim’s new front another app-based business is set for exploits.

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