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Epic Face Off: You Are Very Stupid, Sarz Tells MI




The duo of music producer, Sarz and rapper MI are set for an epic face-off.

This follows MI’s embarrassment of Sarz who is regarded as one of the best music producers in the country.

In an Instagram Live Chat, MI had embarrassed Sarz, claiming that the beatmaker ejaculated on himself the first time he took his to a night club in Lagos.

In the chat with fellow rapper Blaq Bonez, MI recalled the “embarassing moment”, adding that they had girls all over them at the club.

Reacting to MI’s claim via Twitter, Sarz who has promised that the former Chocolate City Record boss will hear from him has revealed that it is all a lie, as the rapper made up the story, adding that he is very stupid to have lied about something like that.

Sarz also revealed that he has thrown out his respect for MI since he “thinks it’s cool to cook up stories and dent his character online”.

He tweeted:


@MI_Abaga You’re very very Stupid for stooping so low to chat shit on blaqbonez ig live. Since you think it’s cool to cook up stories and dent my character online then all my respect for you is out the window.

I kept it cool and told you last week to recant your statement cos it might get out of hand but you did nothing. Since you want to act like social distancing is playing ludo with your mental health, you’ll hear from me.




MI has since apologized, saying that he was only sharing a funny story and that he has joked about the producer for years.


He said;

I 100 percent apologize to @beatsbysarz.. I was completely joking and he was on the live while I was sharing the funny story that him I had joked about for years.. sarz came on immediately after I did and cleared up the story and told the IG live I was joking.




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