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#EndSARS: Why Burn Private Businesses, Davido Asks




Davido Music Worldwide boss, David Adeleke, has reflected on the realities of the #EndSARS protest, questioning the rationale behind the looting and burning of private businesses.

The ‘Fem’ singer shared his thought via Twitter, while maintaining that the protest which started peacefully was hijacked.

According to him, turning the peaceful protest into a complete anarchy is a disrespect to those that lost their lives in the struggle.

Wondering why police stations were burnt down when one of the demands of the protesters was better police welfare and training, Davido confirmed that it will take law and order to make any real change.

“We need a country where there is law and order for us to make any real change. Please stop!

“It is painful that what started as a peaceful protest has been hijacked and turned into complete anarchy, in total disrespect to those that lost their lives during the peaceful protest. This is definitely not the way to honour those that lost their lives while protesting peacefully.

“What is there to gain from burning and looting private businesses that provide employment to our own people or burgling or burning houses belong to innocent citizens or burning buses that our own people depend on for transport to go to work and go about their lives?

“Why burn police stations, when one of our demands was better police welfare and training? Please stop stop stop stop. It all makes no sense whatsoever. If you know anybody partaking in this, tell them to stop,” Davido wrote in a series of Tweets.

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