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We refer to the irresponsible petition that was submitted by a faceless organisation KOGI STATE PDP CONCERNED GROUP to the PDP Governors Forum dated 8th of July 2015 and submitted at the Ondo State Liaison Office on the 9th of July 2015.

We want to state for the record that the above named group and its members are unknown to the People Democratic Party and its members in Kogi State.  This group fits the bill of the various faceless groups that the opposition have created to engender instability in our party. The fallacies contained in the petition further buttress our position.

We do not need to go far to know the sponsors of this petition as they have engaged in this macabre dance of shame and falsehood for the past 3 and a half years.  The publication bears all the hallmarks of Alh Jibrin Isa also known as Echocho. The main sponsor of this petition believes Kogi Governorship is his birthright but he is not ready to battle for it in a free and fair contest. Instead, he has chosen to dedicate his life and earnings to trying to get the ticket through the backdoor.

His first sojourn to claim the ticket of PDP was in January 2011 when he emerged from nowhere to contest for the party’s primaries. Our memories are still clear as to how the lights went off in the stadium and in a twinkle of an eye, the results were changed to favour this former ED who contributed in no small measure to the fall of Afribank Plc.  It was reported then that to get the lights off, MR BACKDOOR GOVERNOR entered into a diabolical pact with the son of the then Governor to hand over power to him after he has completed 4 years.  But God saved the people of Kogi State and his diabolical plans were cut short when the January 2011 primaries were cancelled by the courts.

His next ignoble outing was during the rescheduled PDP primaries of September 2011 where he participated and scored a humiliating one (1) vote.

An even more dismal outing for this self- acclaimed Gubernatorial by-force candidate was the recent presidential election where PDP scored a shameful 34 Votes in his Ajiolo Ojaji polling unit. It beats us how somebody who could not deliver his polling unit to PDP in the last elections will seek to become the gubernatorial candidate of PDP.

After instituting and losing over 20 frivolous cases against the governor in all the courts of the federation and losing all free and fair contests in the state, The only conclusion, one can draw from Mr BACKDOOR Governor’s latest antics  is that he knows he cannot win any free and fair election in Kogi State but he has availed himself to  used by the opposition to frustrate Governor Wada’s re-election bid so that they can have a smooth ride in Kogi State using the dirty methods of mudslinging and continuous rabble rousing that has become second nature to him.  He has failed many times before, he will fail again.

Inspite of what Echocho and his cohorts will want the general public to believe, The main opposition party know their true position in the state and they know what truly transpired in the last election. They know more than anybody that their ‘victory’ in the last presidential elections was more as a result of pro Buhari sentiments and not because of their popularity on ground. They know more than anybody that the Kogi scenario is very similar to the Gombe scenario where the PDP  lost presidential but won the gubernatorial elections.  The opposition know that their fabled victory in Dekina was not because of Governor Wada ‘unpopularity’ but mainly because of complicity from the regulatory bodies, security and the orgy of violence that they let out on the poor people of Dekina. The citizens of Dekina are forever grateful to the Governor for keeping to his vow to make the elections blood free and not responding to the oppositions’ murderous antics with more violence. The victory of the PDP in the house of assembly elections has further rendered their allegations baseless.

Echocho needs to be reminded that his resort to baseless allegations, reckless speculation and deliberate falsehood over the last 3 and a half years have only led him to loss after loss.  Kogites and indeed Nigerians as a whole are tired of his repulsive antics.  It is only a person of unsound mind that will even dare suggest that a man who successfully flew several aircraft ratings for over 30 years without a single incident, who trained a lot of capable hands in the aviation sector, who pioneered private aviation business in the country, who left indelible positive marks in all spheres of his endeavours is mentally unfit to be Governor of Kogi state.  Is it not laughable that the same people who claim that the Governor is mentally unfit used to queue up to beg for free ticket to board his private airline?

Echocho should have the  intelligence to know that the determination of an individual’s medical fitness cannot be done through faceless petitions.  He should know  the correct channels to use to pursue the constitution of a medical panel of experts to verify his claims.

It will be a waste of space and precious time to respond directly to all the falsehoods contained in the so called petition. How Echocho can seek to misrepresent happenings at an event that was attended by hundreds of stakeholders is worrying?   Is it not possible that the desperation of Echocho to be governor has finally led him to acquire the lunacy he has been wishing on others?  Is he not suffering from delusionary tendencies? Should it not be him that should undergo the medical examination he prescribes?

As to the allegations of  kidney disease, we humbly suggest that Echocho should go and set up an Echocho diagnostic center where he will use the MRI and CT scan machine in his eyes to diagnose people.  What a shame? How insulting it is to the people of Kogi that such a confused element can even consider to govern them? Is this how lowly he thinks of the people of the Confluence State or rather the Confluence of Opportunities as our indefatigable governor will have us call it.

Memories of how Echocho and his desperate cohorts floated and celebrated Capt Wada’s supposed death rumour many times. We remember the days of his media assistant, Phrank Shuaibu’s ‘ Gov Wada’s leg is totally broken’ show of shame.  Inspite of all the rumours and all their diabolic plans, The Almighty protected our Captain and he returned from his short trip to wish those who wished him dead, long life. We add that May God grant them Long life so that they can continue to suffer from repeated defeat by our Captain. May they live long so that they can continue to watch as the labour of our amiable Governor bears fruit for the Good people of Kogi State.

We are also aware that this desperate fight by Echocho started more than 2 years before our Captain even signified interest to be Governor. We remember then that Echocho started slandering Captain from that time. Instead of waning, his conviction that the position of Governor of Kogi is his for the taking if only he can get Captain Wada out of the way remains mysteriously strong. We wonder who is deceiving him?

Finally, We posit that Echocho and his cohorts of desperate elements know more  than anybody on the surface of this earth that their allegations are unfounded and baseless hence their resort to using blackmail tactics as a coping strategy for their poor showing at the ballot box. We dare Echocho and his faceless accomplices  to pursue the right channels of declaring our esteemed and amiable action Governor unfit to govern Kogi State or in their desperate words- begging our governor to take a well deserved rest.  We dare them to a free and fair contest in the state. Governance in Kogi has been elevated to a position for serious minds. It is no longer a position that can be aspired to by marabout controlled brains. It is no longer a position that can be aspired to by people who robbed bank shareholders of their hard earned investments. It is no longer a position for people who misguide our youths to encourage them to dedicate their time to online slander and misrepresentation.

As a word of advice to Hussein Idris and the other signatories to the so called plea – we sincerely hope  they  collected their  full payment from their paymasters before embarking on this ominous journey because cases abound of other young lads that have been used and dumped by Echocho and his group.  Afterall this will not be the first act of betrayal by Echocho- were we not all living witnesses to how he betrayed his colleagues in the failed Afribank saga?


On a  final note , we  salute our amiable, hardworking and humble governor, Capt Idris Ichalla Wada for the high level of maturity with which he has handled these charlatans. Please Sir, remain focused on your goal of piloting Kogi to greater heights. Kogi state is blessed to have you  at the helm of affairs.  May all their wishes of ill-health and death upon you be visited upon them.  We thank God Almighty for saving us from the hands of these devilish creatures who aspired to rule our dear state. We pray that God will NEVER grant them their devilish wishes of governing the peace loving people of Kogi state.




Malik Yahaya

Tunde Akanbi

G. Raji

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