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Ebube did not inspire me to sing my Limpopo song–KCee



As a member of the defunct group, KCee Presh, little success could be ascribed to Kingsley, as an artiste. But today, history is rewriting itself for him, having gone solo, as an artiste.

With songs like Okpekete, Tor Tori and the popular Limpopo song taking over the music industry, the man told The Octopus News that he is glad to get such attention.

If for any reason you still doubt the acceptability of this artiste, perhaps the fact that he has been playing at top shows and has even performed for the presidency would convince you, as he told us that he recently performed for President Jonathan three times in a month.

Asked if he envisaged the kind of success he is having today, KCee react thus: “I have been working hard and I have also been consistent, when you show such virtues, it is only natural to reap good dividends,” he added.

Although it has been speculated that Limpopo was inspired by happenings between the singer and his former fiancée, Ebube Nwagbo, KCee said to the contrary that Limpopo is a happy song, a fun music, as the lyrics is inviting a girl to come and enjoy with him. Further, he said that it has nothing to do with Ebube, as it was just one of those songs he wrote as an artiste.

While it would have been challenging for some people to work alone, having been used to being a team player, the singer said: “The separation between him and his partner, Presh, was never as a result of a fight or any animosity. Hear him: “My separation with my partner wasn’t as a result of a fight. We agreed to try and record solo albums and when we started our individual albums, I definitely missed him because we used to record together, but now I am doing everything alone.” However, all that period of missing his friendship and erstwhile label mate has been forgotten, as the hard work, which the fashion crazy artiste has invested in his career, has yielded fruits.

The artiste said the periods of working alone prepared him for the challenges ahead, as he revealed he now handles his work alone. According to him, “I have no regrets working alone, as the challenges have made me a better artiste.” Currently signed to a not too popular Five Star Record owned by his brother, E-Money, who is the president while KCee is the vice president, the man told that there are plans to sign new artistes on the record label soonest, even though at present, he is the only artiste on the bill.

Asked about the nature of his relationship with Iyanya, KCee revealed that the winner of the maiden edition of

Project Fame West Africa was a close friend and a brother. According to him, Iyanya lived in his house when he first went for the music reality show, insisting that he was living in his house after he won the competition and even when he released his debut album.

On when he would be releasing his album, KCee said there is no pressure on him to drop an album, as he wants his career to flow as he dictates. “When the time is right, it would be released,” he added.

Artistes are known to get their inspirations from different source and KCee is not different, as he revealed that most often, he is inspired by quiet environments. He also spoke on the fear of pirates taking over his album when it eventually drops, saying that the fear of piracy has always been there and since there is nothing that the government can do about it, it is good that artistes are now making money from other avenues like music download, caller tunes and several others ways to complement what they lose to pirates.

However, he said there are ways the menace could be curbed if the government really wants to do it, as they could give out licences to people who should sell music. According to him, that is the way it is done in other countries, including Ghana. The artiste revealed that even if this does not stop piracy, it would reduce it drastically, as people would be scared to be seen with loads of any artiste’s work.

Speaking on the controversies of PMAN, KCee said he had been a member of the association since the days of Charley Boy, Tony Okoroji and even TMAC. He, however, said that it is sad to see the music association being ruined. KCee said the need for honest people to lead the association, can never be over emphasised, while also buttressing the need for a good structure.

 With his home front having been the target of a recent scrutiny, he told us that God has been good.

It is only safe to conclude that the sky is the beginning for this fast emerging star.

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