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Exposed: Dwindling fourtunes of Ibidun Ighodalo's Elizabeth R*** Plus details of how her biggest account was suspended



Ibidun Ighodalo

Ibidun Ighodalo

At a point in time Ibidun Ajayi-Ighodalo’s Elizabeth R was touted as the best thing to have happened to the industry.

Events became perfect, hitch free and ultimately the wife of Pastor Ituah Ighodalo turned the darling of both socialites, politicians and even state governments.

Then, when Elizabeth R pichted for an account names like Funke Bucknor-Obruthe’s Zaphire Event, Oluwakemi Adekambi’s Kiket Cocktail, Kike Akinsola’s Bloom Designs Limited and several others who had made name for themselves prior to Ighodalo’s arrival crawl back into their hole and kept quite hoping and praying.

For years Lagosians and visitors who come to the state became addicted to a unique look which envelops it during Christmas.

So beautiful were the works of Elizabeth R that both the Lagos mainland and the island wore different look which made many gasp in wonderment. From the statue of Jesus which is normally spotted around 7up to the lighted palm tree which litters CMS, Marina, Lagos Island, Kingsway Road, Ikoyi and Falomo roundabout, Ikoyi, Lagos, it all gave passerby something to marvel at.

However, all those are facts of old, as
Elizabeth R has now become an antique or a recluse for want of a better word. In recent times, the boss lady, Mrs. Ighodalo, has been out of circulation with her presence at society parties becoming a once upon a time thing. Even top socialites who call her to plan their events can no longer reach her giving room for her competitors to take advantage of the situation.

The situation, is so bad that she recently got her biggest account with the Lagos State Government suspended due to the inconsistency of her firm.

Some guests who visit Lagos traditionally every Christmas couldn’t hide their shock this year, as the state to look so plain without any design.

A source within Elizabeth R, revealed to that the Lagos State project is one of their biggest accounts, revealing that each year they strife to better the previous year’s achievement in term of the beautification, but it is unfourtunate that they could not get it this year due to some internal reasons.

When probed on what the internal reason were he simply replied “that is Madam’s side of the story.”

www.theoctopusnews, however learnt that due to an existing relationship Ighodalo might still get her account back next year.

As it is, Ighodalo’s Elizabeth R, has lost millions of naira which would have gone into their pocket had the 2013 deal sailed through.

MD Elizabeth R Events, Ibidun Ighodalo

MD Elizabeth R Events, Ibidun Ighodalo

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