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Drowning Bank: Reality Hit Wema Bank’s New Managing Director, Ademola Adebisi




Ademola Adebisi’s appointment as the new Managing Director of Wema Bank came with a lot of joy, as his friends, family and loyalist in the bank were happy for the fresh-faced banker.

For him and his family, it was an elevation. However, Adebisi hardly knew what was in stock for him.

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Since he took over  the helms of affair from the former Managing Director Segun Oloketuyi, he has been having sleepless night, as troubles of huge unpaid loans from popular and heavily rich customers have been giving him sleepless nights.  Worse is the fact that some of the loans have even been tagged “Bad Debt” and unpayable.

Despite just starting the job, the man has been loosing weight, as he tries to adapt to the responsibilities of his new appointment. The situation has thus cleared the fantasies that initially came with the appointment.

For a man who had one day hoped that his name would be inked as one of the people who led a successful brand, this is troubling times for Adebisi. The situation has not been helped by the bank’s shareholders who consider him the cause of their woes, hence pointing fingers at him.

 A source at the bank said “most of the bad debt might have to be written off, and this is cursing serious headache for the new man at the helms of affair. He is worried, the situation is a shame”

If the new MD will be able to swim out of the troubled ocean he has found himself in remains to be seen. However, for a fresh face banker like Adebisi,  this is indeed more than he had hoped for.





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