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Dapo Abiodun Still In Agony



Dapo Abiodun

An unpalatable incident such as the death of a child has a way of pushing a man into hibernation.

Known for his taste and his many parties, Dapo Abiodun, boss of Hyden Oil, has not been able to ignite the spark, which hitherto played in his eyes.

A man who loved and enjoyed the good things of life, Abiodun, made statements with the parties he threw, as the food and drinks often found there were only fit for royalty.

Typically, the parties were for an exclusive class both from the corporate sector and high society. However, since the death of his son Gbemiga, the man has not been able to enjoy publicly the things he has been known for.

Many say he is yet to overcome his loss, but who can blame him, who swiftly overcome the chill that comes from the loss of a grown son?


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