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Dancing Senator: Ademola Adeleke Turns Object Of Mockery




Senator Ademola Adeleke is oblivious of the saying “nothing good comes easy.”

It is however not his fault, as the man basically got to the Senate on a platter.

A dead big brother and switching of political parties, Adeleke quickly became one of the Senators in the Red Chamber.

This ease seems what has seen him over rating his popularity and becoming overtly ambitious. Having recently declared his intention to contest for the office of the Osun State Governor in 2019, Adeleke, who many had hitherto failed to take serious has quickly turned an object of mockery, as jesters question his popularity.

Known for his knack for dancing, many have wondered if Adeleke intends to dance his way to the office of the first citizen, while he has also been advised to maintain his current office instead of sacrificing it for an unattainable target.

Adeleke is popular for his dancing, but even that won’t land him the office of the Governor of Osun state. This is a fact.

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