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Critics Rubbish Adron Homes Reaction To Allegations Of Fraud



Adron Homes has reacted to customers who shared their various bitter experiences in dealing with them on social media.

Recall that patrons with bitter experiences in dealing with Adron Homes took to Twitter recently to share their experiences.

In a statement released by the real estate development company, they described the allegations as unfounded and malicious, aimed at tarnishing the reputation it has built over the years.

The company noted that due to the dwindling economy and surge in prices of commodities, it does not have control over the market prices of building materials, hence, why these fees are reviewable periodically to reflect current market prices so that it can deliver on its promises without reducing infrastructural standards and quality.

Meanwhile, the reaction from Adron Homes has been described as a charade by those who maintain that it is the normal corporate response to a situation of such as no one expected that the company would own up to it’s shortcomings.

Amongst several allegations, Adron Homes was accused of extorting and exploiting its customers after they purchase property from them.

The conversation on Twitter began when a Twitter user OGWaheedi asked if anyone had been able to buy, build and live in any property acquired through Adron Home.

He tweeted: “Anyone on my TL ever actually bought land from Adron Homes and actually BUILT IT and LIVED THERE?

The tweet left several comments with many people sharing their sad and scary experiences in the hands of Adron Homes.

Some of the reactions include that of Engr_ Series who wrote on Twitter: “Adron Homes is a fraudulent company. They allocated a piece of land in Shimawa, near the RCCG area, and gave a complimentary bag of rice and a keg of groundnut oil. Shimawa had experienced a developmental boost due to the presence of the Redeemed church.

“However, years after almost completing the payment, Adron Homes reallocated the land to an entirely different area, a proper tropical rainforest. This action seemed like a breach of agreement, so we decided to back out and requested a refund.

“Unfortunately, their terms and conditions booklet is heavily loaded in their favor, which protected them. They charged a huge percentage of the money as a default fee and even demanded we return the bag of rice and keg of groundnut oil we received before they refunded a ridiculous amount.

“If you want to buy your land, go to ọmọ onílẹ̀ jẹjẹ” he concluded.

On her part, Olufunke Lawson wrote “Are you ready for us to talk about how they treat their workers? Dress neatly (designers if possible), come to work promptly & return. No salary at month end. If you like, waka waka and find buyers; If you like, don’t. Body go tell you soon. We’ve heard a lot from there.”

Another Twitter user Aziz Bakare wrote, “Myself & few of my friends attempted one time but the due diligence and several complaints from people who had previously purchased and never got allocated or got their allocation changed overnight made us back out. I’ve barely heard any good story about them,” Bakare said.

Summing up the conversation he started after several engagements, OGWaheedi wrote thus: “Don’t buy land from Adron Homes or Revolution Plus – if you must; make you get a lawyer who specializes in stuff like this & go through every line of every agreement with a fine-toothed comb. Also, ask extensive questions about what hidden fees and “dive”

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