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Criticism trails Buhari’s candidacy***Why it won’t work



Gen. Mohammadu Buhari

Gen. Mohammadu Buhari


Criticism is what is currently trailing the candidacy of retired Major General Mohammadu Buhari, as All Progressive Congress (APC), Presidential candidate.


Concerned Nigerians who have commented on Buhari’s candidacy holds the opinion that he is more of a disciplinarian than an anti-corruption advocate.

Below is the reaction of Ade Premus-Intereperes, a Legal Practitioner.

Buhari puts his character as an “anti-corruption” advocate forward, he is asking those of us who don’t believe in him to impugn his “good character”, based on facts at our disposal! It does not make us hate what is good. Our history has shown us that “poor” aspirants always clean out at our expense. Buhari, no matter how strong ur arguments are.
I realise a lot of you are afraid of anyone impugning Buhari’s character but you must be ready to hear it and defend it. We would resist every move to make other aspirants look like thieves, and Buhari a saint. It WONT WORK. If you support Buhari, get ready to defend the $2.5 bn that got missing under his watch in 1978 as federal commissioner of petroleum; the 53 smuggled suitcases by his in-law in 1984; the 200 official PTF vehicles taken into personal custody by Buhari and shared by him to friends, family and associates, and the death of Adamu Solihije, the PTF major contractor who died a day after a secret meeting with Buhari, in the heat of a probe into PTF activities between 1994-2000!
You must be prepared to defend Buhari. YES, you MUST!

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