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Citizens Quest: An Algorithm You Cannot Ignore




Written by Sukari Alex Owuru

“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther-King Jr.

A few persons have lived lives, taken on activities and ventures without focus. Personal studies have revealed THAT as the primary reason most people don’t go far with seeming very bright ideas and or ventures. Some take on ventures following the crowd; because others are in it and succeeding. They don’t bother about details and the dream.

When the dream for the establishment of the Citizen’s Quest for Truth Initiative CQTI was announced, it never did appeared like what was with the needed (mind you, I never said wanted) solution to societal issues (all encompassing) especially in areas of data collation, content development, information management, sourcing and dissemination in a contemporary society like ours. The ubiquity of organizations with programmes like CQTI littered all over already placed her at a position where it could be treated with levity but COURAGE and CONSCIENCE led the DREAM and her route on this journey and here we are, thriving.

CQTI, with her copious readied minds, offers a wide range of solutions to societal issues and problems with the understanding that not all problems require the same approach. Conscious of the fact that not everyone in a society go with dreams that informative and educative, the CQTI braced up for the worst scenes, going on with its guiding principles.

Resilience is one of her striking qualities. Diligence is one virtue that holds her head up.

Professionalism in the CQTI cannot be overemphasized. Accuracy is a major line.

Originality is second to none.

As a product of right thinking, CQTI do nothing to offend the grace that’s operational in her. Rather, CQTI thrives on it.

Focused on the full picture of what the dream possesses, CQTI is ably led by a fighter who’s resolute to dare where spirits dread. The details about this feat shall be enumerated in my next article.

Her belief is thus: “we must always and at all times deal with issues as they come because it is always better to tell about the experience of a success story than to be told”.

In CQTI, procrastination is forbidden. Sustaining that watchword has led her through the successes that have been reeled out.

The misconceptions in the environment of her operations have not left her without the wrong naming. Sadly, the same society the CQTI stands up for, the same that benefits directly from her operations, is the one working tirelessly to denigrate the organization. Here, I opine that the society should receive the message even if they would ignore the carrier. What will always delight the CQTI is that when all is said and done, the one thing that will matter is that the work placed in her stewardship was well carried out and the messages passed; not how many that criticized her emergence and opinions. The CQTI is a work for the society.

The organization possesses an undying zeal to bring the right information to the people. The most vital tool to coexist with understanding and knowledge is information. That is what the CQTI brings to the world. Support now and #C4UrSelf


Sukari Alex Owuru (SMG) is a public relation practitioner based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State

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