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Cedarwood Luxury Estate Delivers Keys To Pioneer Subscribers



Cedarwood Luxury Estate



PWAN Plus, owners of Cedarwood Luxury Estate, scored another pacesetting accomplishment, when it handed over keys to three-bedroom terraces plus boys quarter apartments, to pioneer subscribers into its luxury housing project in Lekki, Lagos recently.


The colourful event, which took place at Cedarwood Luxury Estate, Ajayi Apata located along Lekki-Epe Expressway, has been described as a double record-setting feat from the stables of PWAN Plus.


According to the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of PWAN Plus, Dr. Julius Oyedemi, PWAN Plus was not only able to deliver on the promise to hand over keys/ homes to its clients; but did so three months ahead of the contract period of six months.


The achievement also singles out PWAN Plus as the first among 32 affiliate companies under Property World Africa Network (PWAN Group), which is widely acclaimed as Africa’s leading property development firm.


He said; “I feel so honoured, I feel so blessed today because many people in the diaspora don’t believe that anything good can come out of Nigerians.


“Today, I am a proud Nigerian,  I can say that from the beginning of this project till today we have kept our promise, integrity, quality, and standard. I feel so honoured seeing that those who subscribed into these beautiful and luxury and homes are collecting the keys.”


The obviously elated Managing Director added: “The contract we had with our clients is that six months after they completed their payments, we will give them their homes. But amazingly, we are giving them their keys three months after they made complete payments. And what does that tell us? That tells us that yes there are true Nigerians and Nigerian organisations that are making Nigeria proud. I can say that we are one of those organisations.”


Dr. Oyedemi also assured intending investors in Cedarwood brand of luxury homes that doing business with Cedarwood Luxury Estates is the best thing they could ever experience. “We are out to deliver on integrity. For me, integrity is the key,” he stated.


He continued: “When we started this project, my aim was to join other meaningful developers to give people affordable luxury homes. And that is what we are doing. If you look at the structure here, you will be amazed that such a structure is being delivered here. To me giving people affordable luxury homes is key because I know that the economy is a bit challenging, but Nigerians need luxury homes. I am so happy that we are already doing that.


“I want to say that we have just begun. If you come back here in the next six months, you might miss your way. What we are doing today I call it keeping to promise, but what will happen in six months’ time is fulfilling a promise. In six months’ time when you come in here, you won’t walk in here, you will drive in here.


“Inside here is a luxury court for people who love and who want to enjoy luxury, even without air condition you can savour the God-given air.  Here we give people luxury, luxury is about comfort it is not about money, it is about comfort. This block is finished, behind you is another block that we delivered in August. By my right is another unit of apartment, sixteen one bedroom, two bedrooms that will be delivered in October.  In the other projects, you can see there are some duplexes already going on at the entrance and behind here. I want to say that we are here as PWAN Plus owners Cedarwood Luxury to give to Nigerians and Nigerians in diaspora, to build for you luxury, quality, standard and to ice it with integrity.”


Dr. Oyedemi disclosed that the cost of the construction works have been paid upfront. “One amazing thing about this project is, I must say it loud and clear, we did not loan money to do the project. We are not owing any banks and outside variation, even the contractors are fully paid, so it is a finished business. Right in front of you because we know that this is not the end, this is just the beginning.


“As I speak to you, we have commenced the development of Cedarwood Luxury bungalows; in the next couple of weeks, hopefully, the chairman, all distinguished members together with the GMD will be there to hand over keys to the bungalow owners. The project has commenced and we are grateful to God and very soon more interesting announcements would be made from the stables of PWAN Plus,” Oyedemi added.


The handing over ceremony was perfected by the Chairman of PWAN Group, Dr. Augustine Onwumere, and his wife the Group Managing Director, Dr. Jayne Onwumere. Dr. Jayne said; “What is happening today is a fulfillment of long expectation.


The Chairman invariably described Dr. Julius as an exceptional achiever adding that PWAN Group has much more to offer to consumers of real estate products. “What you are witnessing here today is coming from that person we saw six years ago and recognised his uniqueness. I looked into his eyes and told him I will make him a million. My wife decided to make co-director in PWAN Plus. Can anyone say that Julius is not a millionaire today? No. Under him are many millionaires.


” In the next three years, cities will know that PWAN Group is a global real estate giant. We will have offices in all airports around the globe, and build Skyscrapers,” Dr. Onwumere further disclosed.




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