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Can Morally Bankrupt Dapo Abiodun Rule Ogun State? How His Reckless Lifestyle Made His Son Died Of Drug Overdose.



Dapo Abiodun

Dapo Abiodun has indicated interest to be the next governor of Ogun State but from facts available to us have put several question marks on his ability and antecedents. With a reckless living, lackadaisical disposition to family values which has caused him irreparable losses and life of dishonor lived on a fast lane and perpetrated for worldly acquisitions (now come to the open), does the Dapo Abiodun character befit a seat as exalted as that of the Governor of Ogun State? A series of heinous activities just unearthed will give an insight to this question and give him away as an unscrupulous character not cut out for the job. Shedding the light on a certain chapter of his life that has been hidden from the people of Ogun State, whom he is nursing the ambition to govern, has become imperative so as not to fall victim to a likely impostor. This will enable the Ogun electorate decide if he is worthy of their mandate and has the capacity to preside over the affairs of a state as sophisticated as Ogun.

Away from the image he constantly puts in public, Dapo Abiodun has a side that many have described as moral bankruptcy. The death of his son was one event that shook many as millions of sympathetic people (especially the youths among whom Olugbemiga, also known as DJ Olu was relatively known) paid condolences to the family. What these sympathisers did not know was that DJ Olu’s death could have been avoided if his father, Dapo Abiodun, had been a caring, attentive and responsive father to the poor boy, who had been struggling with drug addiction and abuse for some time.

Besides drug addiction, DJ Olu, in company of his friends, was said to be in the habit of throwing parties in their home with invited ladies most of whom they always raped. It was discovered that the Banana Island neighbours of the family always informed Dapo about his son’s challenge with drug and delinquent ways; his response was said to have been that of a snob who interpreted the neighbours’ concern for being meddlesome. But for his negligence, DJ Olu could still be alive if Dapo had taken drastic measure to arrest Olu’s addiction when he was severally caught doing drugs sneakily. Can a man who run his family dysfunctional run a whole state, much more, a state like Ogun?

Dapo was said to have shown more concern for making money through detestable means than keeping eyes on his family. Dapo’s path to wealth was not without some disgust. His closeness to a past Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke is often cited as what enriched him; what was not revealed was that the closeness was not platonic but obscene. Dapo found his way to fortune when he succeeded filming the steaming intercourse he had with Diezani. It was this film he used as a blackmail tool with which he manipulated Diezani to path with a share of the country’s treasury through phoney contracts and business deals.

Dapo’s depravity was revealed when he was caught literally pants down with Diezani on her matrimonial by her husband, Alison Madueke. Dapo was reported to have been chased and wanted to be humiliated but he escaped by a whisker by jumping through the window from the 5th floor. He escaped being caught but not after breaking his leg, an injury that confined him to using crutches for about a year and saw him travel very frequently out of the country for medical attention.

Dapo also extends his disregard for family values to his long suffering wife, Bandele, whom he has abandoned for quite some time now. The woman has been left to go through emotional trauma from time to time because she does not enjoy any affection from Dapo anymore.

Dapo Abiodun has been fingered as one of the most indebted customers of Wema Bank Plc. The Managing Director of Heyden Petroleum Limited is reputed to be responsible for numerous bad loans which the bank has been sweating to recoup. His business has been pencilled down as one of the latest round of companies going through investigation and verification by the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), and might be taken over by the corporation if found insolvent. His reckless lifestyle has been mentioned as the bane of his company indebtedness.




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