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Blackmagic Makes Return With Blackmagic 3.0




Several years back, Efemena Mukoro, popular as Blackmagic was one of the rave musicians as far as Afrobeat in Nigeria was concerned.

Dropping songs such as ‘Wonder’, ‘Repete’ ‘Confam’, he also dropped albums such as Blackmagic 1. 0 and Blackmagic 2.0 before going underground.

Recently returning to the music scene, he explained his absence in a recent interview revealing that there were missions he had to achieve to be able to reach his main goal.

“There were some side missions I had to do to upgrade. Get some styles, some knowledge, and experience. Redefine myself and try to understand what I am trying to do and where I am trying to go which is the whole subject of being an artistes.

“Most of my work is based on me and my life. Sometimes, you need to refresh, you need to take a step back. Every car needs alignment every once in a while, every computer needs a restart, sometimes you need to find out the condition of your hard drive, sometimes you need to download new upgrades, sometimes the upgrades can take longer. ”

The singer’s latest effort titled Blackmagic 3.0 dropped recently. Songs on the body of work include ‘Soon’ featuring Tems, Koole, ‘Anything 4 Love’, ‘Ponmo’, ‘Bad Intentions’, ‘No Need’, ‘Ego’.

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