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Birthday: Dorathy Joins Mercedes Benz Gang



Dorathy Bachor

Dorathy Bachor, the last girl standing in the 2020 edition of the Big Brother Naija Lockdown reality show has joined the Benz gang.

Bachor joined the gang at the age of 25 years, having gotten a surprise Mercedes Benz birthday gift.

Her fans went all out to ensure that she celebrated her 25th birthday with a memorable gift, as she got the Benz gift.

Asides from that, she also celebrated her 25th birthday with 25 pairs of shoes, a Macbook, among other gifts

In a video, the chocolate complexioned beauty was seen receiving her beautiful gift from her lovers, dressed in her birthday dress as she was led to a place where the car was parked.

Surrounded by a number of fans, Dorathy asked where she was being taken to and in response, they started to chant her name. As soon as they got to where the car was parked, Dorathy dropped the cup of drink in her hand, moved a bit away from the car, and then said it was not for her. When her fans assured her the car was hers, she jumped in excitement, collected the keys, opened the door, and started to press the car horn.

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