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Beware: Death Now Comes Swiftly At “The New Afrika Shrine”



Those who are conversant with happenings at The New Afrika Shrine, off Agidingbi Road, Ikeja, Lagos, will tell you that the fun place is about the safest haven for fun lovers and night crawlers, even as the place is notorious for hemp-smoking and centre for ladies of easy virtues.

However, this potent notion about The New Shrine may have been rubbished by a very gory incident that happened few weeks back at the place.

One of the top staff at the shrine, known as Deji, and a long standing staffer of the shrine was viciously sent to his early grave via a heavy blow to his chest by a regular patron, fondly referred to as ‘Lion’.

The incident, we gathered from impeccable sources, started when Lion engaged Deji in a shouting match over a minor argument. According to the source, Lion and some of his friends were seated round a table reveling in the social milieu, with lots of assorted drinks on the table, when Deji strolled in friendly to the table, believing that he is conversant to those on the table, including Lion. In the spirit of sharing the fun on the table, Deji innocently picked a glass cup on the table to join in the fun on the table, which we heard belonged to LION. Lion, who we cannot tell for now, was nursing an unhidden grouse with Deji, felt offended by Deji’s effrontery and naturally picked up an argument with Deji. In the ensuing argument and exchange of vile words to each other, Lion made for Deji and dealt a vicious blow to Deji’s abdominal region! A deadly blow that sent Deji off his feet, and within a twinkle of an eye, he (Deji) was stone dead on the floor before any remedial measure could be done to him.

The entire atmosphere immediately went gloomy as all around went scampering for safety and dear life, for fear of reprisal attack from Deji’s sympathizers. Lion was apprehended and taken to the Panti Police Station, Yaba, where he has since been cooling his feet awaiting trial for a possible murder or manslaughter accusation.

The late Deji was believed by many to be a very industrious and diligent staff of The Shrine, where he worked for years, and rose to the Number 22 Rank of the hierarchy of the shrine. We gathered that Deji was believed by many to have owned a Toyota Camry 2.2 automobile, which he used to run as a cab whenever he was off duty. He has since been buried amid tears and wailings by family, friends and colleagues. This sad incident may have cast a big mar on the fortunes on The New Afrika Shrine,the home of Femi Kuti’s positive band.

The Shrine which is being effectively managed by his Yeni Kuti, has been running smooth until this unfortunate incident happened. Interestingly, the management of the New African Shrine have been silent on the incident.

-Additional Report Urbanlife

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