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Beverly Naya speaks on her kind of man




Beverly Naya is one actress who is not doing badly in the movie industry. In this interview with our REPORTER she talks about her man, career and more.

Years back, you made a name as the lady who returned from UK to build a career in the movie industry, is this indeed why you came back?

Yes. I love acting, I love to be in front of the camera to act and the movie industry provides that. When I came into the country I realised that the industry was growing and there are so many opportunities for actors and actresses. I just knew this is where I needed to be.beverly

So far, have you had any reason to regret your action?

I haven’t because it has been good. Initially, I had issues with the culture, but I have grown used to it.

What has been your most challenging movie role?

There are quite a number of movies I consider interesting, but my  most challenging character for now are the roles I played in movies such as Make Me a Heart, Angel and Dark Waters. Stripped is one movie I also considered tasking. It featured Ramsey Noah and Joseph Benjamin.

What makes you an exceptional actress?

I would say it is my zeal for life and my ambitious nature. I don’t give up. These are the things I would consider as my selling points.

What motivates your fashion statement?

I like to look nice. Whatever I wear has to look nice. It has to be captivating and it must attract people in the right way.

Most of the dresses you wear on the red carpet seem to reveal your cleavage, is it a style statement?

When it is red carpet or a movie premiere, I usually pick out something from my wardrobe or I contact one of my fashion designer friends that are willing to work with me.

What do you feel most comfortable wearing?
I like comfort, but it also has to be fashionable. I love standing out.

How do you cope with persistent male fans?

There is nothing bad in being admired. However, it bugs me when the man is too persistent. Men need to understand that no means no.

Tell us about the man who first broke your heart

I have never been heartbroken, but I have been hurt. Being hurt is when you meet a guy that you really love, and things don’t just work out. I won’t say that is heart break, instead it is something that hurts.  When a woman is heartbroken, it is something else all together.

Once there was this talk of a romance between you and Desmond Elliot, did it really happen?

There was never anything romantic between Desmond and I. We are just friends and colleagues.

But are you aware of a saying that there is always an element of truth in every rumour?

This case was an exception. As you know there is always an exception and what motivated the rumour was the role I played with Desmond in a movie.

What about the rumour about you and Uti Nwachukwu; was that true?

No, Uti and I are nothing more than just friends.

Emeka Ike recently spoke against producers who exchange role for sex, have you been a victim of sexual harassment?

I have not experienced it and I do not think I ever will. My experience in Nollywood has been a positive one. I have had a good experience and it can only get better.

Away from that, tell us about your man

There is nothing to tell because it is a private part of my life.

What qualities do you lookout for in a man?
I like someone who is a gentleman. Someone who knows how to treat a woman, a good dressers and he has to be God-fearing. He also has to know how to make me feel special.

What are you a freak for?

I love shoes. I have a pair of shoes that was made by Louboutin. It cost me over £1,000. I have never worn them.


Because it is hard to wear

Tell us what growing up was like for you

I am the only child, so I had a bit of a quiet childhood. I have loads of cousins and they always made sure that I was happy and have good company.

So it won’t be wrong to say you had a rosy childhood?

I have some beautiful memories from my childhood.

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