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Between Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy And PDP National Chairman, Iyorchia Ayu



Primate Ayodele


The People Democratic Party (PDP) is going through so much crisis at a time when the campaign for 2023 general elections have started already. It is believed that the crisis within the party started when Atiku Abubakar emerged as the presidential candidate of the party after defeating the likes of Governor Nyesom Wike, Bukola Saraki, Emmanuel Udom, others with the help of Governor Tambuwal who stepped down for him.

With Atiku emergence, the governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike started spearheading the move to frustrate peace within the party because he believes the party should have a southern presidential candidate considering the fact that the current president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari is a northerner.

Why Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies On Anambra Governorship Election Stand Out

Of course, the candidate has emerged and there is absolutely nothing that can be done to remove Atiku as the party’s flagbearer. Considering this, Governor Wike and his team of few governors started clamouring for the removal of Iyorchia Ayu as the national chairman of the PDP. Up till now, the clamor for Ayu’s removal is still on and this has been set as the only condition that can make Wike and his team to support Atiku for his presidential ambition in 2023.

Meanwhile, Governor Wike and some of the governors with him at the moment were the major brain behind Ayu’s emergence as PDP national chairman. The question now is, was Ayu’s emergence as national chairman the problem or Atiku’s emergence as the party’s presidential flagbearer?

Humanly speaking, we would say Atiku’s emergence caused the crisis but it is very important to consider the spiritual aspect and warnings regarding the PDP and the election of the national chairman basically.

Sometime before the PDP held its national convention that led to the emergence of Iyorchia Ayu as the party’s chairman, popular Nigerian prophet, Primate Ayodele had released two names for the party to choose from if they want a good outing in the 2023 presidential election.

These were his words

“PDP must not make any mistake. They need a serious, committed, and vibrant person that can give them victory in 2023.The party should choose between former Governor of Kaduna State, Ahmed Markafi, and former Governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido,” (

Primate Ayodele described in his words the kind of chairman the PDP needs and went ahead to mention two names to pick from in order to avoid confusion, did the party listen? Obviously they didn’t and it is safe to say the party crisis began from the wrong choice of Ayu as national chairman.

As a man of God, Primate Ayodele spoke again after the emergence of Ayu and said that He will be reduced to nothing in the party and that they will blackmail him in the party.

These were his words

“The national chairman will want to make efforts but the cabals will frustrate him. They will blackmail him and want to reduce him to nothing as they did to Uche Secondus but in another dimension. They will not appreciate his efforts.” (

When Primate Ayodele said these words, it looks as if he was saying them to get attention as some never believed that Ayu would face any issue because he was unanimously chosen as a consensus candidate by the stakeholders and it would even be too early for him to face crisis within the party but few months down the line, we can see how the words of Primate Ayodele are coming to pass one after the other.

Of course Ayu has made efforts but a group of five governors that can be described as ‘cabals’ are determined to frustrate him as Primate Ayodele put it. Just last week, he was accused by Governor Wike of pocketing N1 Billion before the party primaries and few days later, some National working committee members of the party publicly announced that they got millions of naira from the chairman which they are willing to return, this no doubt is the blackmail Primate Ayodele spoke about. The man of God also mentioned that they will do to him what they did to the former party chairman, Uche Secondus but in another dimension, there is nothing that represents the crisis in the party like this statement, it is too direct.

The words of Primate Ayodele are not so much but they have deep meanings and are perfectly reflecting the issue within the PDP especially with Iyorchia Ayu.

Sincerely, many politicians feel men of God send warnings to them because they want attention but Primate Ayodele is far from that, he has proven times without number that his prophecies are divine and are meant to warn those involved ahead of time. One would have thought that Iyorchai Ayu would humble himself and consult God in running the affairs of the PDP, maybe he would be granted mercy of God but he never did that and now, He is being troubled for what could have been avoided.

The PDP too was adamant and stubborn with their choice of Ayu as national chairman. If they had chosen among the names Primate Ayodele mentioned, there will certainly be not trouble like it is now but they party’s obstinacy has led to the crisis at hand.

The party is currently at a cross road, Ayu is also under so much pressure over something he could have avoided if only he listened to Primate Ayodele’s warning. These happenings are a proof that Primate Ayodele knows his onions in the prophetic ministry and several others who have also been warned by him should listen whenever he speaks.


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