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Best Spot For Pizza In Lagos



It is no secret that Lagosians love them some pizza…and if you think about it, who doesn’t? It’s crusty and tasty Italian delight is unanimously regarded as “happy food”! Following the path of burgers and hotdogs, Lagos has seen a boom in gourmet pizza restaurants of late, and there is no doubt that the city has started in an eternal love affair with the magical medley of dough, sauce and melty cheese., Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal has searched the city far and wide to come up with a list of the very best spots. Whether you are lactose intolerant or just a person who likes cheese, we are confident you will find your perfect pizza at one of these restaurants that have really earned their dough. Happy gorging, Lagos-style!


Pizza Rhea

There is something infectiously fun about this pizza spot .Pizza Rhea is one of the places you can find an array of pizza you cannot resist in Victoria Island! Not only is the pizza is good, its authentic flatbread pizza made without yeast cooked in a big stone oven outdoors, has the best thin crust style Italian pizza in town. Again, the service is super speedy despite its laid back atmosphere; the staff is friendly and the pizza are freshly made and offered at a very good price. A favorite for locals in the city is the pizza Quattro Stagioni.

Domino’s Pizza

Tied to the popular Domino’s chain in England, Domino’s pizza is a mini-chain with outlets in almost every key area in Lagos. While it has not exactly lived up to the kind of cool-glam you would expect from an offering by the international Domino’s group, it has become a household name in Lagos and is a good place to sate a craving for genuine, Neapolitan-style pizza, with a flavorful slow-rise crust and a variety of traditional and innovative toppings. Their menu even reflects local Nigerian tastes with specials including Suya and Jollof rice. With its top-notch, speedy and friendly service, as well as affordable prices and rapid turnover, Dominos remains a great pizza joint in Lagos.

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Taverna Milano

If authentic Italian pizza is your thing, then you will struggle to find a better spot than Tarvena Milano in Lagos. Although owned and run by a Chilean (who is also the chef), the stretchy pizza bases are pleasingly chewy and laden with fine Italian produce. They serve other items on their menu- Chilean and Latin flavoured dishes; however, they have special Pizza nights on Wednesdays. Their large pizzas are also discounted every Wednesday and Sundays. Try the buffalo mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

La Pizza

A major lure to this spot is the dough-scent that fills the air as you approach. La Pizza place sells the best pizza for miles around. A fast-food restaurant with two locations in Lagos: City Mall, Onikan and Allen Avenue, Ikeja, it is a contender for the best original-style italian pizza. The floury bases, pleasingly thin, taste sensational, and a special mention must go to the Pizza Milano.


Pizza Lounge

Pizza lounge shows that the beauty of pizza is not just in how big it is, but in what you do with it. With two locations in Isolo and Ajao and free delivery, this pizza pub whips up an impressive line of pizzas with thin, robustly flavored bases and fresh toppings. Locals delight in their unique African flavors which are a proof that the Italian staple has been elevated far beyond its humble roots

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